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Detail of WiFi Map Free Passwords APK Download

WiFi Map Apk Link to WiFi passwords for FREE internet services across the world!

Following is the most famous WiFi application

***TOP 1 is accessible in 50 countries
***TOP 1 consist of Travel category is accessible in 100 countries
***It is consisting of 100 million WiFi hotspots!

Main Points of WiFi Map:
– The advertisement of WiFi is around the world 
– WiFi presents hotspots with guidelines and PASSWORDS 
– It also offers Map navigation for finding locations
– It helps the customer at the spot

Your contribution!
– Enhance WiFi hotspots and passwords
– Modernize old passwords 
– Join WiFi hotspots with your Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and Twitter friends

Need of Wi-Fi
1. The Presentation of WiFi Map apk download
2. The app will display the nearby WiFi hotspots with their passwords 
3. It’s ok! You are now linked to WiFi 😉 

continuing Online is simple: 
1. you can easily discover the city you are going to 
2. It is easy to observe & scroll the map around 
3. It’s ok! At the moment the app can work there without the Internet 

for Tourists: 
# Tourists can take help from WiFi tips & passwords 
# they can be stay linked worldwide

Something New in ‘Wifi Map’
WiFi Scanner
– This scanner checks all devices linked to your WiFi hotspot. You can assess safety planes; discover stalkers and firmness network matters
– Its new filter lets to show the most freshly new hotspots.
– Through setting you can moved an option to display hotspots.

If you don’t like ads, there is no problem, we don’t like them either 🙂
– This app has an option to eliminate advertising constantly! Lastly! 

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Requirements: Android 4.1+