Weather Live APK

Weather Live APK

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Now it became very easy to know about the weather nearby you and all over the world through one click. Today, you can plan your any programme or adjust your schedule through an exact weather forecast. Weather Live APK app enables you to feel to be outside, instead of looking out of the window for knowing about the weather.

It was a difficult problem to have perfect forecasting of weather a few years ago. Now this app makes it possible and easier to know all the details of weather. For example, will it be rain or not. Through the app you can take information for a week as well as for a month and ahead. Some of the following details that we can take from the app.

– We know about the coolness and hotness of temperature
– The app also inform us about the speed and direction of wind.
– It also gives information of Pressure and rainfall
– We have come to know about the Sunrise/sunset time
– We know about weather Radar & Rain maps
and there are much other valuable ‘weather’ information together with quick moving picture and charts.

This app has all kind of information about “weather”, and it is up to you that what information you need. You can easily choose detailed or solid outline to catch weather information.This app also gives you a chance that you can unite a visually widget on your screen without opening the app. Therefor daily weather update will be a part of your screen.In addition, this app will display everything about weather in any part of the world according to your need on your device

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Author Name :Apalon Apps
Update Date :Dec 14, 2019
File Size :APK (28.5 MB)
Google Play Link :Google Play Store
Requirements :Android 4.4+
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