VPN Over HTTP Tunnel APK

VPN Over HTTP Tunnel APK

Detail of VPN Over HTTP Tunnel APK Download

WebTunnel: TunnelGuru for Android

WebTunnel Apk is one of great HTTP tunneling tool which supports you to defend your online confidentiality anywhere your local Network Administrator lets you to
Contact external network through HTTP/SSL Proxy only.
WebTunnel: Its way of works

its inherent VPN transmits your data over HTTP/SSL Tunnel therefore you can acquire complete defense from basic VPN.

It helps succeeding Tunneling procedures

Usual Half Duplex Tunnel.
Non- Determined Half Duplex Tunnel using Take mode
HTTP Half Duplex Tunnel using DEVELOP mode.
Half Duplex Tunnel using POST mode.
HTTP Full Duplex Tunnel using POST mode.
HTTP Full Duplex Tunnel using MIME mode.
Full Duplex Tunnel using SSL mode. `

VPN Over HTTP Tunnel APK Structures

> definitely not speed restriction.
> Regular Free confidentiality defense on your 100 MB Data.
> HTTP Tunnel Server places in over 15 countries.
> All HTTP Tunnel Servers are organize in 1 Gbps network.
> A simple and cool to use HTTP Tunneling tool for your phone and tablet.
> No need of registration.

Required permissions for app:

Contact Present Site.
outside Storing.
Contact Web.
Phone State.
Contact Charge List.
for more assistance kindly visit: http://tunnelguru.com/webtunnel
For any Problem kindly contact WebTunnel Support: [email protected]

File Information

Author Name :TunnelGuru
Update Date :Dec 17, 2019
File Size :APK (9.0 MB)
Google Play Link :Google Play Store
Requirements :Android 4.0+
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