Detail of Shadowsocks APK Download

Shadowsocks performs exclusively for protecting socks five proxy. The app enables its users to use the internet secretly and safely.

*REMINDER: When improvement to 3.x or overhead, users require to uninstall as well as reinstall the app.*

Main Points of Shadowsocks apk download
1. Flow control procedures with Asynchronous I/O and at the spot driven software development.
2. Small source intake, appropriate for little finale packages and fixed devices.
3. Accessible on many stages, containing all types of communication.
4. Free basis applications in python, node.js, golang, C#, as well as clean C.

1. For setting your personal server, kindly discuss to:
2. For looking the basic programs or creating your personal apk, kindly discuss to:

‘Shadowsocks’ is free program: users can reorganize it as well as change it in the rules of the GNU such as issued through the Open Software Base, each form three of the Certificate, or any advanced form.

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“Shadowsocks” apk platform is circulated hopefully which will be beneficial, however DEPRIVED OF ANY GUARANTEE; lacking of even the implicit guarantee of MERCHANTABILITY as well as SUITABILITY FOR A SPECIFIC DRIVE.

For more source certificates contact at:

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Requirements: Android 4.4+