GO Launcher- Free Themes & HD Wallpapers APK Download

Detail of GO Launcher- Free Themes & HD Wallpapers APK Download

GO Launcher offers a lot of lovely mobile themes for users.

GO Launcher apk download is a trendy, keen, slender & modified app for your mobile. It is the progressed type of “GO Launcher EX”. A fresh smooth interface plan with communicating control practice, improve the presentation and effectiveness expressively. It offers you a really fresh modified mobile functioning experience instead of former apps.

‘GO Launcher’ is used by 2 billion users globally, It is an exclusive launcher apps liked by users.
Trendy: GO Launcher offers a lot of lovely mobile themes for you, expert designer make plentiful themes for you, and users can appreciate the bright amenities through installing the theme of suitable as well as modified mobile user border.

Keen: GO Launcher apk offers a really quick and safe functioning experience through 3D Engine. It presents easy, charming and amazing liveliness things, devoted to convert the world’s top mate of users who use Android.

Slender: The smooth apps enables you to clean up dismissed working programs, to quicken your mobile reply speed, confirm quick and charming process in the android.

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Modified: “GO Launcher” has different menu, which will add beneficial structures in the screen. It has a lot of monitor liveliness things, many open App Widgets, particularly planned themes, suitable and quick working signs.
Highpoint features:
APPs managing: Distinguish & Lock APPs to defend mobile safety;
Stock: Theme store & APP midpoint carries you style & entertaining;
Transition Effect: 17 effects available, magic every slide!
Widget: Climate prediction widget, explore widget, switches widget as well as 2017 calendar widget!

GO Launcher is extremely persuaded that the user’s response is very important.
You say amazing, we will be grateful to you.




KPNTunnel Ultimate APK

Detail of KPNTunnel Ultimate APK Download

Work of KPNTunnel Ultimate Project
– Distinct Version.
– Not reprocessing/changing from KPN Tunnel apk download.
– Clean write form zero.
– Fresh UI Plan (Tabs)
– extra presentation and serviceable then ‘KPN Tunnel’ (Formal).

# Main Points:
+ Convert HTTP Appeal with some changer commands.
+ Straight Mode.
+ Power point Defense Size Tweaks can censor by yourself.
+ Auto Documents Relink. Removing and Linking Mobile Data with time intermission.
+ Ip Discoverer, discover your detailed ip. Support x flexible for all standards.
+ Several Login/several Server Login in fixed SSH Tunnel accomplished by Sketch.
+ Documents Firmness for extra speed and quickening your data Assignment.
+ Customable DNS Server for more privacy.
+ Eliminate Ip from Vpn Package to not Captured.
+ Permit/Cancel Apps to episodic by Vpn Package.
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# Root Structure
+ Iptables Mode in case of not using Vpn Service (Censured)
+ Wi-Fi Lead/Hotspot to power Captured by Vpn Service.
+ Auto Information Relink. Just API 21 and up to require Rooted Access.

– Several structures are Unbalanced as Multi SSH Server on various device Memory Outflow Topic.

For knowing more about its usage, kindly get Simple Guide on Menu in About Tab.


Detail of Cloud VPN PRO APK Download

Just keep in mind that Cloud VPN PRO does not serve freely.

Cloud VPN PRO apk download unlock common apps and sites i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Skype and Viber …

Unlocks geo-limited content through converting your place.
Safeguards you’re linking on free Wi-Fi hotspots & distinguish the user’s IP address thus user can browse the site confidentially & incognito.

Avoids firewalls and Internet filters although the user is on workplace or academe.

Perfect for persons facing Internet restriction.
It works with Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and all types of mobile.
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You can use it for file-sharing soft wares, downloading unlawful or copyrighted substantial like song as well as pictures can not allowed.

Eagle Free Vpn APK Download

Detail of Eagle Free Vpn APK Download

A complete Free VPN proxy Eagle VPN
Single click to link No sign-up or chronicling
Extraordinary speed VPN – It offers the quickest server for you
Eagle VPN apk download is the best limitless open VPN users for mobile.

‘Eagle VPN’- It can unblock websites, see online movie, avoid blocked apps, safe Wi-Fi hotspots and browse confidentially & incognito.

* Features:
? Limitless time, Limitless information, Limitless bandwidth
? Cool, simple to use, single click link to VPN
? No need of record-keeping or login
? No Record is kept from users
? Encodes net traffic
? Guard your safety and confidentiality
? Extraordinary speed
? Use extraordinary safety SSL VPN tunnel mode
? Offer worldwide VPN servers net(USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, Germany, etc.)
? Highest SSL VPN router (VPN gateway) for android
? High-speed unidentified VPN Package from Secretive Internet Access

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Quickest- Link effectively and speedily with high VPN speed of “Eagle VPN”.
Coolest – Single click to link to VPN proxy server.


APK Editor Pro APK Download

Detail of APK Editor Pro APK Download

APK Editor Pro is a great instrument. It can edit as well as hack apk documents to do plenty of work for entertaining.
APK Editor Pro  apk download can assists the users to do work as series localization, contextual appearance changing, design re-creating, and even advertisement removing, approval eliminating, etc. It can do everything according to your need. But, for using it properly you need some expert talents. You need not worry, it presents a few samples in the menu.

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“APK Editor Pro” is the professional type, matched to open type, there are some dissimilarities as it has no task restriction


Simple Control(Navigation bar) APK Download

Detail of Simple Control(Navigation bar) APK Download

– Substitute an unsuccessful and damaged button –

*** Kindly read ***
* Necessary
-> Setting
-> Availability
-> Simple Control [ON]

* Task
– Home
– Back
– Recent
– Power menu
– Camera
– Noti panel
– Search
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– Fast Setting
– Screen seizure
– Volume control

Your Freedom VPN Client APK Download

Detail of Your Freedom VPN Client APK Download

The exclusive Your Freedom VPN channeling, firewall & proxy avoiding, anonymization and without any restriction.
If the contact of your Internet is expurgated, as well as several things are not available to you. In addition, you want safety from observers or contact without a login on an unencrypted wireless hotspot network. If you want to perform as a user from another country to dodge difficult content limits? Or else if you desire that your IP is not recorded by every website you visit and the whole thing you do recorded by the NSA? You need not worry, because there is a solution for you.
Your Freedom apk download facility provides you a lot more. It downfalls editing, it encodes entirely your traffic, it distinguishes the basis and personality of its users, and it only creates things work which can’t work without it. This app provides you all of your needs. It provides a free service (named “FreeFreedom”) accessible forever to everybody who simply wants infrequent contact and small bandwidth. You can constantly upgrading late in case of your need – when you recognize that it explains your difficulty and you want extra than Free “Your Freedom” offers.
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Maintained tunnel styles:


It has thirty nine channel servers in ten countries.

‘Your Freedom’ apk webpage https://www.your-freedom.net/ for detailed info around our package. We escalate if you refer us smash intelligences while requested by your phone. Connect us about this app, send email to [email protected]

For the up-to-date features and viruses, kindly choose in at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.resolution.yf_android.


Talkatone: Free Texts & Calls

Detail of Talkatone: Free Texts & Calls APK Download

Free calls & messages through Wi-Fi or cellular information, no mobile minute’s castoff through Talkatone.

You can call and message your family and friends throughout the world. You have to take a free phone number of your choice, and call in the U.S. and Canada, or create low-cost worldwide calls deprived of using your minutes. Talkatone apk download is an easy way to keep in touch with everyone.


• Free US/Canada mobile number. Take a free mobile number according to your need.
• Free messaging to your US/Canada phone number.
• Group messages are also provided by Talkatone.
• Text pictures are free to any U.S. or Canada number

• Worldwide calls can be easily taken with ‘Talkatone’. Call foreign is available without giving excessive fees
• Worldwide calls are totally free

• Free Wi-Fi calls allows you to call anyone even at the absence of a cell data plan

• Call and message U.S. mobile numbers on Wi-Fi without giving shocking travelling concerns.
• Worldwide calls create roaming cooler.
• Call and messages colleagues and family through Android tablet with Talkatone.
• Take a free mobile number for your tablet to contact free messaging and calling
• Call another phone number for your tablet to contact free texting and calling
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• Attain successfully free limitless worldwide calling, by ending simple and cool free proposals

Lets enjoy free messaging and calling to free number from “Talkatone” apk and get low-cost worldwide calls to the U.S. and Canada without any usage of cellular data or minutes.
you are welcome for your comment any Talkatone problems. Only email at [email protected]
More info: www.talkatone.com

Shadowsocks APK Download

Detail of Shadowsocks APK Download

Shadowsocks performs exclusively for protecting socks five proxy. The app enables its users to use the internet secretly and safely.

*REMINDER: When improvement to 3.x or overhead, users require to uninstall as well as reinstall the app.*

Main Points of Shadowsocks apk download
1. Flow control procedures with Asynchronous I/O and at the spot driven software development.
2. Small source intake, appropriate for little finale packages and fixed devices.
3. Accessible on many stages, containing all types of communication.
4. Free basis applications in python, node.js, golang, C#, as well as clean C.

1. For setting your personal server, kindly discuss to: https://shadowsocks.org/en/download/servers.html
2. For looking the basic programs or creating your personal apk, kindly discuss to: https://github.com/shadowsocks/shadowsocks-android

‘Shadowsocks’ is free program: users can reorganize it as well as change it in the rules of the GNU such as issued through the Open Software Base, each form three of the Certificate, or any advanced form.
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“Shadowsocks” apk platform is circulated hopefully which will be beneficial, however DEPRIVED OF ANY GUARANTEE; lacking of even the implicit guarantee of MERCHANTABILITY as well as SUITABILITY FOR A SPECIFIC DRIVE.

For more source certificates contact at: https://github.com/shadowsocks/shadowsocks-android/blob/master/README.md#open-source-licenses


Azar APK Download

Detail of Azar APK Download

Explore & Link!
Azar links its users globally through only one swipe!
Through it you can easily and quickly connect through the world!

• It has about 1 billion downloads!
• The number of Discovery Matches is 15oo million!
• Performed international in Google Play is about 130 countries in 19 languages!
• Performing as an exclusive app in Vietnam
? Ways of search!
Azar APK Download app offers you to connect any person belonging from any language or area. When linking with one user, only swipe gone and the following one expects.

? Leading Points
– Pal Finding over video conversations through 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
– Choose Sexual category & Area likings
– Beauty treatment credit Acticons, Get-ups and video sifters for cool openers
– Message conversion throughout messaging
– Limitless Text, Picture, and Video Messaging between groups
– Cool login through Facebook or skill to make a fresh account by your email
? Security
The ‘Azar’ feels proud for the invention and the open public. It don’t tolerate any aggressive conduct or harassment for its community.
Azar lay emphasis on consumer’s confidentiality.
Azar gives all user data through firm privacy and not ever shifted, hired, or shared to any other person.
No particular site is ever shared and is organized through your mobile. If any data you share with your groups through Azar is your concern.
Azar user data is simply used to better our service.

? Approval Application
– DELIVER_LINKS: Compulsory to contact the links while welcoming them to the app.
– SEND_SMS: Compulsory to send SMS invites since the contact list.

kindly stay with “Azar”, and share Azar with groups, and review us on Google Play and Facebook.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight APK Download

Detail of Super-Bright LED Flashlight APK Download

Super-Bright LED Flashlight directly changes the device into an optimistic flash. The final illumination tool gets complete benefit of the LED light. Strobe/Irregular Style is too maintained as on a $100 planned flashlight. And it’s OPEN!

Flashlight apk download points:
– Great Bright Flashlight – Assured!
– Suitable – Turn On/Off the light only as using an actual ‘flashlight’
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– Strobe/Blinking Mode maintained – Irregular regularity flexible light
– Superb pictures – Super-Bright is the most attractive “flashlight” you can take in hand!

ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN APK Download

ExpressVPN Apk

Detail of ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN APK Download

ExpressVPN Apk is a whirlwind firm, without any record VPN proxy facility. You can browse the net steadily as well as incognito through help of limited taps. Contact the whole internet–download ExpressVPN now and use it for 7 days!

ExpressVPN apk download offers 145+ linking situations in 94 states. The server switches are limitless, therefore the users can transform places according to their needs and desires.
Express VPN is a necessary implement for the care and safety of internet. It converts your link consequently no one can monitor your online movement.

Reasons for selecting Express VPN
• Very simple in downloading in addition to use through your Android devices
• Lots of VPN Sites along the Americas, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa
• Every time client maintenance living talk as well as email
• Firm without recording plan
• It runs through Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G and whole mobile documents transferors
• Deals encryption through UDP and TCP procedures

* In case of upgrading from Android 4 to Android 5, 6 or 7, keep on following rules if ‘ExpressVPN’ is not capable to link:
1) Turn off device.
2) Turn on device.
3) Link toward VPN while encouraging by the “Connection request” conversation, tap “OK”.

Currently users can catch first contact toward the following type of “ExpressVPN” apk for Android through suitable a beta sample.

Tweakware APK Download

Tweakware APK

Detail of Tweakware APK Download

Tweakware APK SIGNIFICANT: The upgrading of your account is defective and you have already pay your fees through Google Play, then kindly refer an email to [email protected] and mention the Order ID and username.

Guard your internet traffic while spending open hotspots or Wi-Fi or else your native internet facility.
Avoid firewall and page slabs.

Increase open internet contact through spending the made in proxy tweaks as inverse proxy, inoculation question, convention legends to avoid domain/ip founded limits/advertising.

Globe Switch APK Download

Globe SWITCH Apk

Detail of Globe Switch APK Download

Globe SWITCH Apk proves a high-class collection globe which gets the internet for mobile. It can easily access toward the most common apps which are accessible at very suitable charges. Its effective structures enables you to know about uses of internet, as well as it will stop you from extra burden, thus the users have complete control of their financial plan. Globe Switch apk download gives you feelings of self-confident to discover wonderful contracts on mobile internet.

Main Points:
1. Appreciate forever FREE contact towards the particular collection of apps and sports

2. There is a package for using internet, so users can use it according to their need and wish.
3. ‘Globe Switch’ offers “Hot Deals” for discount. You can find it for our notifications at particular rebates of 50% on particular apps
4. It provides many internet packages with sound and messages according to your requirements

1. “Globe Switch” apk can control the using of data with the help of control tab. It will offer you complete control on your data through closing some apps as of overwhelming data in control tab

2. You have a full control over your financial plan, as it offer you complete discernibility into anywhere the usage drives thus you certainly not have any concern for over burdening. Through the usage tab, it examine about the apps that consuming of data and Wi-Fi.

Yandex Browser with Protect

Yandex Browser Apk

Detail of Yandex Browser with Protect APK Download

Yandex Browser Apk  – trendy and safe, within sound explore and data density.

Observe tales, update, and videocassettes obtained from the internet created on your benefits and offered like a fodder through Zen.

Yandex Browser app download Decrease the usage of data and quickness. The filling of webpages and pictures after the link of internet is sluggish with the browser’s program Turbo Mode.

Deprived of irritating commercials on websites can be blocked.
Guard your private data while consuming open Wi-Fi networks and get rid of from damaging. Or fake pages through the browser’s dynamic safety system Protect.

Disguise dissimilar interface features — commercials, site menus, buttons, or widgets . Just leave the relate text and associate pictures on the monitor with Reader Mode.

Spray the web in reserved spending Incognito Mode . ‘Yandex Browser’ doesn’t save your passwords, explore questions, or browsing account through this mode.

Modify your “Yandex Browser” apk through an extensive display of backgrounds in the wallpaper library. Which is suitable for some mood or style.

Contact the desired websites and bookmarks from every device – only permit syncing the data through your Yandex account.

In case of any queries or proposals, you can contact at https://browser.yandex.com/feedback.

360 Security – Free Antivirus

360 Security Apk

Detail of 360 Security – Free Antivirus APK Download

360 Security Apk is an exclusive antivirus & safety software for Android mobile. The fresh version APK of 360 Security keeps your phone safe from theft or a Trojan. 360 Mobile Security Limited is a junior company of Qihoo 360. It is chines and its full name is Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd., a famed Chinese internet security company known for its antivirus software. Qihoo 360 in 2016-2017 credited most of Performance Software for 600 million USD. On 4 November 2016 Golden Brick Capital (Qihoo involved) finished the gaining.

Free Safety Guard and Speed Booster for Android Phone

360 Security apk download is an exclusive speed booster and antivirus app. That enhances your background apps, memory space, jumble files and battery power.
Importance of 360 Security app
?It has durable Booster. If your phone running illogically sluggish, let ‘360 Security’ famous boost engine take care of it!
?It’s the Most Active Cleaner- For getting more space only clean application stores and jumble files with one tap!
?It’s a Cool Battery Saver- Modify your draining settings and stop preventable apps that drain your battery!

Best part of 360 Security – Antivirus:

?Security & Antivirus
The app can scan installed apps, memory card content, and new apps routinely. As well as its newest defense technologies against viruses, adware, malware, Trojan and more.
?Jumble File Cleaner
It can remove unusable Android system files, large files and app caches. While releasing up storage space with a single tap.

?Memory Boost
its clean feature recovers memory without any stay in opening of apps. It also offers free up memory (RAM) and boosts your mobile phone.
?Power Saver
the routinely activation of “360 Security” apk Clean feature will save your device’s power
a set of features comprising, Erase, Locate, Alarm and Lock can help you with recovering a lost device. You can activate distant features through our web interface at http://findphone.360safe.com
Its privacy app will stop data on the device such as apps, SMS, photo albums. Other important data from dropping into the incorrect hands.
?Actual time defense
you can scan installed apps and local APK files in actual time and also observer each installation process.

360 Security – Antivirus is accessible in subsequent languages: English, Português(Brasil), Português, Español, Español, P??????, , Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Ti?ng Vi?t, French, German,

Whatscan for Whatsweb APK

Whatscan apk

Detail of Whatscan for Whatsweb APK

Whatscan apk for Whatsapp web can work simply, scan the QR code and that’s it!

+ Equal WhatsApp account on mobiles and tablets
+ Whatscan apk download enables you to refer and accept messages, pictures, videos even documents
+ It offers a complete security with your Password.
+ There are various languages used in Whatscan
+ through it you can refer audio messages

NOTE: ‘Whatscan’ works in All Android Versions and Devices.

Clue: “Whatscan” for whatsapp web is made by privately, and it not a formal WhatsApp application and not related with WhatsApp Inc.

Yoga VPN-Unblock & Security & Proxy

Yoga VPN

Detail of Yoga VPN – Unblock,Security,Proxy APK Download

Yoga VPN is a beneficial – unclog, unidentifiable browsing defend confidentiality, safety manager, WiFi hotspot shield, quick and established.
As well as it is easy to use – permitted limitless bandwidth, limitless time, and one-touch link.
? PERMITTED & Limitless & Simple

Yoga VPN apk download is a free app, so you need no credit card, no fee. It is without any registration. In addition,
it has limitless bandwidth, limitless time.
? Unclog

1. It can unclog public webs or apps, like: Line, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
2. Unclog VoIP nets and video call, like: Skype, Viber, WhatsCall, Imo etc . . . .
3. Unclog video websites, like YouTube.

4. Avoid the school firewall, free VPN proxy school wifi.

? Unidentified & Safety

This vpn effectively approved the “DNS Leak” test, and successfully stop DNS leaks.
‘Yoga VPN’ will certainly not record your online performance and will never upload your confidentiality
Yoga VPN can defend your network traffic under the WiFi hotspot unidentified browsing, without tracking.

? Quick & Established

Free VPN offers about 500 proxy server for more than 10 different areas of the world.

These servers are situate in India, Australia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, USA, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc…

Vpn apk is one of the best VPN App to support definite app managers . You can allow proxy facilities for apps you require, if your device system is greater than Android 5.0.

? Support:

Come let’s enjoy it, if you have any opinion or ideas, please send an email to: [email protected]

VPN Over HTTP Tunnel APK

VPN Over HTTP Tunnel APK

Detail of VPN Over HTTP Tunnel APK Download

WebTunnel: TunnelGuru for Android

WebTunnel Apk is one of great HTTP tunneling tool which supports you to defend your online confidentiality anywhere your local Network Administrator lets you to
Contact external network through HTTP/SSL Proxy only.
WebTunnel: Its way of works

its inherent VPN transmits your data over HTTP/SSL Tunnel therefore you can acquire complete defense from basic VPN.

It helps succeeding Tunneling procedures

Usual Half Duplex Tunnel.
Non- Determined Half Duplex Tunnel using Take mode
HTTP Half Duplex Tunnel using DEVELOP mode.
Half Duplex Tunnel using POST mode.
HTTP Full Duplex Tunnel using POST mode.
HTTP Full Duplex Tunnel using MIME mode.
Full Duplex Tunnel using SSL mode. `

VPN Over HTTP Tunnel APK Structures

> definitely not speed restriction.
> Regular Free confidentiality defense on your 100 MB Data.
> HTTP Tunnel Server places in over 15 countries.
> All HTTP Tunnel Servers are organize in 1 Gbps network.
> A simple and cool to use HTTP Tunneling tool for your phone and tablet.
> No need of registration.

Required permissions for app:

Contact Present Site.
outside Storing.
Contact Web.
Phone State.
Contact Charge List.
for more assistance kindly visit: http://tunnelguru.com/webtunnel
For any Problem kindly contact WebTunnel Support: [email protected]

NumberBook APK Download

NumberBook Apk

Detail of NumberBook APK Download

NumberBook Apk Social is a public network create on your phone number. The Number Book Social app offers free services and assists you to get link with people. In addition, it assists you to link with friends and family through social incorporation and number connecting choices. It uses 3G/4G or wifi to message with friends and family.
You can change from SMS to NumberBook apk download Public Talk to refer and accept messages, Audio, Pictures, and video messages.

NumberBook Social Structures:
– It offers a profile photo, NickName will be display to all your friends and Friends of Friends
– It gives Confidentiality information
– You can Talk with people you know or you may know
– When you and your friends start using the ‘NumberBook’ apk app Social application, you can refer a million of free messages to your friends daily!
– NumberBook Social uses the Internet linking: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when accessible.
– Multimedia: Refer Video, Pictures, and Voice records to your friends and open links.
– NumberBook Social works with your phone number, only like SMS, and adds perfectly with your current phone address book.

– You need no to add any person in Your Address Book; the “NumberBook” Social app will routinely link you with your links. Your links that previously have the NumberBook Social app will be routinely shown under people you know and friends of friends.
– Other features: You can share location and places, Exchange contacts.

WhatsCall – Free Global Calls

WhatsCall APK

Detail of WhatsCall – Free Global Calls APK Download

WhatsCall APK is an app which is used for free international phone calls. The number of its users is more than 1,000,000! Come and call anyone, anywhere for FREE!
-Free Video Talk – You can make one-to-one video calling with your WhatsCall friends, and it’s all for FREE.
You can talk with friends face to face, though they are anywhere across the globe.
WhatsCall app download can mechanically discover and correct to your linking speed, in fact, it has more established calls and higher HD video image feature.
-Although your friends or family have no network link, ‘WhatsCall’ can still link you for free.
– It offers the new “Moments” feature which lets you to upload photos on WhatsCall app and share you’re lively and thrilling life.
-Direct Messenger: refer photos, text and voice messages to “whatscall” apk friends.
– Through it you can easily detect strange calls and block deception/annoyance calls. Suddenly detects caller info and efficiently block out irritating calls.

Join at Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cmwhatscall/
Assist us with localization: https://crowdin.com/project/whatscall

Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing

Zapya APk

Detail of Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing APK Download

Zapya APk is a cross-platform that serves about 450 million users across the globe for the quickest transferring and sharing! Zaypa lets you to transfer files from Androids, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, Tizen, PCs, and Mac computers in a few moments. It’s not only works speedily, but also offers its services free of cost. Zapya apk download  is wonderful cool to use and supports many languages!
?Main Points
? Money saver on expensive mobile data charges!
Through this the transferring of files is possible without a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection. There is no need of data to transfer files.

?Share wireless, share limitless.
There is no need of wires as well as any limits for sharing files from device to device.
?Phone Duplicate
Zapya can easily reserve and transfer files from your old device phone to a fresh one.

?Quick transferring speeds
Zapya apk is the quickest application for transferring files. In fact, it is up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth!

?Group sharing
the app enables you to send numerous files of all formats directly to a group of friends. You can join up to 4 devices at once!

?QR Code Sharing
This app offers to create modified QR Codes and share content through QR codes!
? Offline Talk
you can also message and share videos with close friends without any help of Internet.
?Aristocrat Cam
you can view and take photos through controlling the camera of another linked device. You can create a couple of phones as a spycam or wireless periscope!

?Supported Languages
English (Default), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, and Portuguese.
You can contact on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/izapya/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zapya_official
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Zapya
Blog: www.enjoyzapya.com
Website: www.izapya.com

TextNow – free text + calls

TextNow Apk

Detail of TextNow – free text + calls APK Download

TextNow offers its users their own devoted phone number which is used for texting and calling your friends, family, important others, neighbors, or anyone other!


Textnow offers 4/5 rating—AppAdvice for limitless messaging.
Textnow apk download acclaims that its new presentation—AppAddict is a best choice for limitless texting. “Only as quick referring/getting as regular texts for me (containing persons who don’t use the app).” -tbm248, MacRumors

you can give your very personal phone number for calling.
You can refer as many free text messages as you wish to US & Canada
You can make limitless free phone calls to any phone number in the US & Canada!

This enables you to add money or receive free money by implementation proposals to your account and make very small charges for worldwide calls

The app have some ads. If you don’t like ads, you can buy a contribution to eliminate them.


– Create and accept voice calls
– Get credits to calling by ending joined deals or buy minute packages!
– Free & limitless voice calls as well as for incoming calls!
– Complete image messaging: refer, accept and save pictures!
– Voicemail Record
– Call Sending
– Google SmartLock: there is no need to recall your password
– Signs: enlarge your own sign to each text
– Customizable text-tone, backgrounds, ringtone & vibration
– Allocate personal links their own ringtone & background
– Fast Answer to easily react to friends
– Home screen widget to launch ‘TextNow’, combine a new message or fast create a call
– Combined inbox: refer and accept your texts rightly through “TextNow”
– Actual SMS texting and calling: text and call EVERY phone that receives SMS texting, and EVERY phone for calling..

Alarm Clock APK Download

Alarm Clock Apk

Detail of Alarm Clock APK Download

Alarm Clock Apk for Me free is an app that changes an Android device into an alarm clock apk download. It croons the desired tunes, as well as it works as a bedside clock with attractive subjects and up-to-date weather information. In addition, it serves as a sleep timer that respites you to sleep at night!

Alarm Sorts:
•’Alarm Clock’: It has peaceful tunes for getting up to you from sleeping
•Limitless alarm support: It will alert you by giving alarm and you’ll never miss any meeting or event!
•Contextual alarm: The app will ring the alarm even at its off time
•Constant alarm: alarm will be ringing continuously unless you stop or snooze it.
•Nightstand mode: change your device into a lovely bedside clock

More accessible structures:
•Stylish clocks: appreciate 2 trendy clock looks
•Attractive clock widgets: your Home Screen will give you correct time
•Weather forecast: you can know all about the weather and temperature
Some more structures increasing the whole skill:

•Brilliance Slider: its bright screen doesn’t sightless you after a good night’s sleep
•Integral flashlight: it will save you from fumbling in the dark
•Auto-launch: “Alarm Clock” apk can be launched routinely when device is stopped or plugged in
•Portrayal and scenery modes: the clock serves faultlessly in both locations
•Shortcuts on the main screen: you can contract cool access to the sleep timer and alarms
The app require approvals to access private data

CAMERA approval lets the app to use the LED camera light
LOCATION approvals are required to provide reliable weather forecast

GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

GO Keyboard APK

Detail of GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker APK Download

GO Keyboard APK is the Best App of 2016 in 10 countries!
– Top keyboard on Google play.
-It has unlimited consumers global and identify their keyboard.

GO Keyboard apk download is the top keyboard because of
? this keyboard is best in case of slow typing. GO Keyboard support its users and create their inputting quick and accurate!
* This keyboard is the easiest to make fun for saving and wants for something new. Only monitor it through modified emoji keyboard and like cheery emoji, sticker.Typestyle to basic nature with your friends anytime!
?This keyboard can recognize the user to most-uninterested by simple android keyboard. It has 10000+ lively themes, 100+ fonts and you can shot to input easily!

‘GO Keyboard’ maintenances many vernaculars and unlimited subjects. The emoji, emoticons and sign in the keyboard are well-match through all common apps.
For more modified means you can Click the link underneath:
GirlZ Themes: https://goo.gl/sp7BdH
Cool Themes: https://goo.gl/j9NElu
Simple Style Themes: https://goo.gl/uxVJjg
Fantasy Themes&Cute Stickers: https://goo.gl/6OKo6W
Funny Stickers: https://goo.gl/Er3Gz2
More Language Packs: https://goo.gl/jqQJzz

Emoji, Emoticon:

For getting smiley emoji and emoticons! Connect with emoji and emotions like (^?^)! Emoji and emoticons express the flashier than lyrics! It is very easy to discover emoji and emoticons in keyboard area.
New Sticker:
you can find exciting and lovely images through specific sign which are common between lots of workers. In addition, our signs remain very suitable to catch, as well as user can simply have your chosen sticker!
? FREE emoji, emoticons, sticker and other smiley faces (???)
it is free to use a package of 800 emoticons, emoji, and sticker.

There are 10000+ lively themes well-match with emoji keyboard and new themes are provided weekly! You could also fix keyboard contextual wallpaper.


GO keyboard is cool enough to identify mistyping, offer improvement ideas and make your typing easy.

“Go keyboard” apk provides you over 100 attractive fonts containing Toshiyana, Rayna, Elgtion, Basileia and other common font.
? DIFFERENT DESIGNS, signal typing and support for tablet device

it offers different designs such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablet.

? TYPE while speaking
you can freely input with voice. Through using it freely you can knows well and it offers you correct word proposals.

we will never save your private info containing credit card information. In fact, we are careful about your confidentiality!

Tellagami APK Download

Tellagami APK

Tellagami APK Download

Tellagami APK for Android Alive the life of its users! Let’s take it immediately!
Tellagami allows you make as well as share a fast lively Gami video.
A Gami is a thrilling tweet or prestige inform. It can be an amusing method to express a tale. A Gami is recognize you communicate or else a holiday card. It may be a date of birth salutation, gathering offer or casual manner to join pictures. The opportunities are boundless!

Make a Gami video in three cool stages:

1 – Modify the personality and select your contextual.
2 –You can input the sound otherwise write a memo on behalf of saying to your character.
3 – Gami can be share on your chosen network or rightly by a pal.
? Combine and contest the personality & contextual
? Input your expression or write memo
? correct the size and place character in the passage
? Identify through a picture contextual
? Sketch on the contextual
? Share through normal mobile joining
? Observe Gami like a net URL proceeding to very devices


? Salutations & Invitations – Express a story, familiarize somebody
? Schooling – Explain a lesson, make a manuscript report, joined a holiday
? Commercial & Advertising – vend a product, platform a company
TEACHERS: Copy the Tellagami Edu app! Tellagami Edu is a waged type of the Tellagami apk app full of types that lets tutorial room toward usage the app deprived of in-app buying. Know more at https://tellagami.com/edu
CARE: The ‘Tellagami’ app is facing subjects preceding certain devices with Android Lollipop. Kindly check the permitted “Tellagami” app whether the device remains taking place Android Lollipop already creating some in-app buying.

Amazon Shopping APK

Amazon Shopping APK

Detail of Amazon Shopping APK Download

Amazon Shopping APK is an exclusive app that allows you to shop millions of products and achieve your Amazon orders from anywhere.
Product Structures

*Amazon Shopping apk download app enables its users to shop lots of produces from any Amazon’s sites across the world
*You can fast explore, catch particulars, and read analyses on lots of products from Amazon and other suppliers
*With a single click ordering, client provision, Request Tilts, make or discover a baby or wedding registry, order following, and much more
*You can get barcodes and images of product to match prices and check accessibility using Scan.
*It check out Gold Box Deals – comprising the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals, and catch routinely informed when new contracts become accessible
*You can refer and share links to products through email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more

*Get an instinctive delivery notifications about your order ships and reaches
*Purchase confidently, knowing that all dealings are firmly handled
*You can use your voice for the discovery of products on Amazon or to track orders and reorganize items. Click the microphone icon and say “track order” to access open orders. Reorganize products by saying “reorder paper towels” or “buy more batteries”
*Contact permission enables you to access your phone links for the aim of sending Amazon gift cards and inviting friends to use the ‘Amazon Shopping’ app.

*SMS permission is used to shorten the procedure of phone number proof when making an Amazon account registered to your mobile.
*Camera permission is to search items fast by scanning them with your camera.
*Flashlight permission is for turn on the flash while using Scan in low light.
*Microphone permissions are for support Voice Search and Voice Shopping Helper structures.
*Location permissions assist the customers in discovering of Amazon Lockers close their present place.
*Phone permission is for pre-populate and dial the Amazon Customer Service number.
*Storage permission is necessary to support reports in China.
*Wifi permissions is for setting up both a Dash Button or Dash Wand using the Amazon Shopping app.
OS Requests Needs Android OS 4.1or higher and a rear-facing camera. The Amazon App for Tablets is accessible on Google Play.

Postern APK Download

Postern APK

Detail of Postern APK Download

Postern APK is an exclusive app that can redefine you is the conduct of all your devices’ network traffic:

1. the designed proxy servers can transmit the network traffic. There is no need of design proxy for each App, as well as Apps that do not support proxy also wills integrity proxy formation. Therefore, only one thing you do is to placed your proxy server in Postern and identify which hosts/destinations should be visited through the proxy. Postern apk download gives help to all famous proxy servers, like no other Android Apps do, as underneath:

SSH Tunnel
SOCKS5 Proxy

And it obviously can be recycled to avoid Internet restriction, it is for Chinese users particularly and in group systems that have firewalls to block you from definite locations, in addition, it is a perfect tool to distinguish your IP address/identify.

2. ‘Postern’ can also be organized as a firewall to block any efforts to visit hateful locations, therefore, your delicate information and secretive information won’t be directed out. It can also help you to block Ads on many Apps, but there is need of using this with carefully.

3. “Postern” can also be used as a sniffer, to seizure data packages from all Apps. And examine these packages for your own resolve.

Visit for Postern Mac OS X version: https://github.com/postern-overwal/postern-stuff

ZArchiver APK Download

ZArchiver APK

Detail of ZArchiver APK Download

ZArchiverapk is an exclusive program for record managing. it has an easy and useful interface.

ZArchiver apk download allows you:

– Make the succeeding documentation kinds: 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar;
– Decompres the succeeding record kinds: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, arc (freearc), lzip;
– View archive contents: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, arc (freearc), lzip;
– Make and open password-protected records;
– Edit records: enhance/eliminate files to/from the store (zip, 7zip, tar, apk, mtz);
– Make and open multi-part records: 7z, rar(open only);
– Incomplete store decompression;
– Open compacted files;
– Open a record file from mail uses;
– Remove splited records: 7z, zip and rar (7z.001, zip.001, part1.rar, z01);

Main features:

– Multithreading provision which is useful for multicore processors;
– UTF-8/UTF-16 assistant in filenames. Let’s you to use home signs in filenames;
– There is no need for allowing multiselect style. You can choose files by clicking on the icon from the left of the filename;

CONSIDERATION! Your suitable ideas and requirements are welcome. You can refer them by email or only leave a remark here.

Little FAQ:

Q: What password?
A: The subjects of some records may be encoded and the store can only be opened with the password.
Q: The program is not working properly?
A: Refer an email with full explanation of the problem.
Q: How to compress files?
A: Select all files and click on icons (from the left of filenames). Click on the one of selected files and choose “Compress” from menu. Fixed chosen choices and press OK button.
Q: How to remove files?
A: Click on record name and choose appropriate options (“Extract Here” or other).

Google Street View APK Download

Google Street View APK

Detail of Google Street View APK Download

Google Street View Apk enables you to search world milestones, explore natural marvels, and go exclusive places such as museums, stadiums, restaurants, and small businesses.
You can also make photo ranges to enhance your own Street View skills. Let’s start with your phone’s camera or enhance a one–shot round camera (like the RICOH THETA S) for easy 360º camerawork. At that moment, you can broadcast to Google Maps to share your photo compasses with the world.

Content galleries:
•Browse — or be informed of — Google’s latest distinctive collections
•Discover all of Street View (containing helps from others)
•Analysis your open profile of printed photo compasses
•Accomplish your reserved photo compasses
•Engage yourself in photo ranges with Cardboard style

Making and sharing photo scopes:
•By using your phone’s camera (no camera fittings necessary)
•Join to a round camera to seizure in one click
•Share secretly as smooth photos


Voxox APK Download

Voxox APK

Detail of Voxox APK Download

Voxox is the free app which allows its users to call and message through any Voxox apk download from everywhere in the world without any cost to you – It has no Restrictions!
You can call or message anyone of your relative or friend, though they are not on Voxox at our great small charges.
It offers 100 messages to US terminus at the cost of only $1, as well as 20 messages to any global terminus or chat for up 100 minutes at the same rate.
The ‘Voxox’ app also contains the succeeding free structures:
You can accept incoming calls with a FREE US Headset Number
it enables you to forward calls to SOME phone number anywhere in the world with Reach Me!
Through the Voxox apk you can read your voicemails with Voicemail Record
Call Recording
Linguistic Conversion – convert SMS messages actual time in lots of languages.
Group calling

“Voxox” enables you to nonstop and conference Messaging
Picture, Video, Place and Interaction Sharing

Zalo APK Download

Zalo APK

Detail of Zalo APK Download

Zalo APK is the latest market-leading messaging app with wonderful structures.

* Gorgeous article fixed:
=> Zalo app download enables you to message your friend without any break. In addition, you can get reports instantly as they answer back.
=>Through the app you can show your feeling with amusing and happy passions and signs.
=>It enables you to refer voice messages with eccentric superiority and no external sounds
=>You can discover and catch familiar with close friends
=>Through Zalo you can Refer group messages simply without any struggle
=>This app is mixing with public networks like Facebook and Google+
=>Zalo offers its users all types of confidentiality

Let’s download Zalo and talk with your friends and family!

Support Info:
– Hotline: 1900 561 558
– Email: [email protected]
– Fan page: www.facebook.com/zaloapp
– Website: www.zaloapp.com

Kik APK Download


Detail of Kik APK Download

Kik APK is an app which can be use for more than just messaging. Kik app download offers you the coolest method to link with your friends. Of course, you can visit in the loop, and discover everything through chat. There is no need of any phone numbers, only select a username.

•Kik enables you to select anyone who to chat in individual and in groups
•Through ‘Kik’ Messenger you can share pics, videos, gifs, games, and a lot more
•This app enables you to meet new friends with similar interests
let’s come on “Kik” now. Start talking!



Detail of SuperSU APK

SuperSU APK is a tool of the future a Superuser access to management;
It needs a rooted device!!!
SuperSU apk download lets for progressive managing of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device, which need root. ‘SuperSU’ has designed for solving a number of problems with other Superuser access management tools.

Structures consist of:
– Its access quick
– Superuser access cataloguing
– Superuser access reports
– Per-app report conformation
– Short-term unroot
– Profound method discovery
– It Workings in reclamation
– Workings with not correctly booted Android
– Workings with non-standard covering places
– Constantly goes in trace style
– Wake up quickly
– Change to /system app
– Thorough unroot
– Reserve writing to continue Cyanogenmod nightlies
– Image choosable from 5 choices + invisible
– Subject selectable from 4 choices

– OTA survival style
– Full color-coded command content recording
– Per-app recording structure
– Allow/reject root to an app for a usual quantity of time
– PIN guard
– Per-app PIN guard
– Modify auto-deny countdown


you can use the installed Superuser or replace it, it means you can’t use them together.

“SuperSU” is absolutely elective and more like assistance’s. They do not expose any functionality.

Microsoft Word APK

Microsoft Word APK

Detail of Microsoft Word APK Download

Microsoft Word is an app allows you make, control, view and share your files with others fast and simply. It also allows you observe and edit Office documents committed to email messages. It helps you to work with anyone, anywhere with coolness. Your Office travels with you everywhere assisting you whether you are a blogger, an author, a reporter, a journalist, and a student, it will help you as you want. Microsoft Word apk download presents pdf book lover and makes it simpler for you.
Create impact version forms, writings, blogs, reports, or continues. It presents robust tools that support you to achieve your best writing with the best layout options. Word offers you the skills to modify your writing and plan your document for your particular needs.
Make with assurance

You can start your plan, projects, letter, blogs, writings, memo, write-ups or continue with attractively planned fresh patterns.? In your all types of writing you can use gorgeous planning and draft choices for your ideas and show it in writing.

Analysis, text and deletion Easily

‘Microsoft Word’ pdf reader feature helps you to go through your pdf documents from any device. Reading view allows you to read any kind of text and analysis files on your device. Writing down perceptions from the web exact into your Word docs assist you analysis the perceptions later. Edit your pdf by changing it into word document file and create changes in your docs.
Cooperate with anyone, anywhere

you can return to view previous drafts in an improved version history in “Microsoft Word”, when you create changes to your text documents.
Save everyone on the similar page
you can share your feelings by remarking in your doc. Everyone can enhance the chat and stay on the text, plan and arranging in docs.
Sharing is streamlined

you can share your pdfs and files with a click to fast call others to edit or view your text documents.


• OS version: KitKat (4.4.X) or above
• 1 GB RAM or above

you need a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches or smaller to make files.
Reveal the full Microsoft Office experience with a succeeding Office 365 subscription (see http://aka.ms/Office365subscriptions) for your phone, tablet, PC and Mac.

Snap VPN APK Download


Detail of Snap VPN APK Download

Snap VPN APK proxy is a 100% free! Limitless procedure! Great vpn speed! Free VPN proxy by ‘Snap VPN’-Snap links as quick to free your world.
Quick – VPN proxy link effectively only an instant.
Simple – Auto vpn linking. There is no need of any USERNAME, PASSWORD, and REGISTER!

Firm – VPN proxy has a lot of free vpn server to run well vpn service.
Free VPN proxy by Snap VPN app download –
This proxy can avoid the firewalls as school proxy however you are at school or at work.

Release places with free proxy server.
“Snap VPN” will protect your network traffic under WiFi hotspot Browse incognito and firmly without being followed. Let’s enjoy reserved browsing.
Auto to the best sites for you created on your recent IP.
It can Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data haulers.
Encodes data by using Open VPN procedures (UDP / TCP).

FlyVPN APK Download


Detail of FlyVPN (Free VPN, Pro VPN) APK Download

FlyVPN APK is an indefinite Traffic Free VPN Proxy to access apps and websites. It has 300+ servers effort to offer you with the quickest VPN service.

FlyVPN apk download is a limitless free VPN proxy. It is one of the fastest VPN servers’ assists you visit application programs and reveal websites.

*It offers free test 3 times daily

*There is no need of credit cards
*Its can browse strongly using WiFi encryption

*It is easy, single click link to VPN

Free test quick VPN! Top free VPN user for Android. The free VPN proxy promises Wi-Fi hotspot safety and confidentiality.

Constant and free cloud-based proxy servers offer more and improved VPN services.
There is no need for registering. Android 4 devices backing the VPNService API of Android 4.0+ above the wall and deprived of root privileges.

Access of VPN is free everywhere; its servers situated in countries like the US, Japan, and South Korea; its need no registering, and no confidentiality fears!

IP place variable; downloading of mobile game and online game revealing; real IP address different/concealed for secret access and secrecy defense.

One ‘FlyVPN’ account parallel related to Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and iPhone/iPad clients.
It offers VoIP services, voice calls, and video conferences supported; limitless access in open places, such as offices, schools, and hotels.

You can purchase top affiliation to enjoy more lines and reserved stations and surf all websites, containing videos all around the world.
You are enabled to many services accessible from foreign in China.

“FlyVPN” has 200+ VPN servers situated in 40 countries and areas, containing Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, and Africa ?containing South Africa?.

In case of any problem, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Auto Comment APK Download

Auto Comment APK

Detail of Auto Comment APK Download

Auto Comment is use for allowing its users to remark mechanically in the posts which they created in a Facebook’s group, their profile or photos.
•Enlarge a post that you completed only pasting the connection
•Introduce your post from a file created in the page http://autocomment.pe.hu/us
•Fix the comment that will be creat routinely
•Fix the time intermission
•It Fix a time choice in which the post will be remark the post mechanically or only check all day
•On or off Auto Comment apk download  task when you wish
•You can remark all your lively posts only clicking on the reference now button

Guidelines (You can follow the video demo):
Adding the post option 1:
1 – Tap on the button Enlarge Post
2 – Keep an eye on the stages.
3 – The Post’s connect you can take it from a browser as Chrome in the phone, login in facebook and go to the group then click on the post that you want to add.

Adding the post option 2:
1 – Go to the page in http://autocomment.pe.hu/us and made all the fields from your pc.
2 – The connection you can take it from facebook page accepted to your posts and copy the connection from the address bar.
3 – After adding all the posts, you can tap on Download File and save it in your phone’s memory.
4 – Open Auto Remark and then tap on Posts.
5 – At the end make a tap on Introduction from file.
6 – Choose the file that you made in the page and the posts will be add if there is not error in the file.

After adding the posts, you can use the task of ‘Auto Comment’ only clicking on turn on “Auto Comment”.

DiskDigger photo recovery APK Download

DiskDigger photo recovery APK

Detail of DiskDigger photo recovery APK Download

DiskDigger photo recovery APK is an app which can add and recuperate missing photos and pictures from your memory card or inside memory. There is no need of any rooting if you unintentionally removed a photo, or even reformatted your memory card, because DiskDigger apk download great data recapture features can discover your misplaced pictures and allow you to bring back them.
This app enables you to upload your recuperated files right to Google Drive, Dropbox, or refer them through email. The app also offers you a chance to save the files to a changed local folder on your device.

* ‘DiskDigger’ app will work a little incomplete, in the case of not rooting of your device. In fact, it will limited scan for your removed photos by discovering your collection and fingerprint.

* In case of rooting of your device, the app will explore all of your device’s memory for any hint of photos, as well as videos!

If you want to know more about the app, kindly go on the page http://diskdigger.org/android

In case of some more other recoveries besides photos and videos, try “DiskDigger” Pro!

Booster Kit APK Download

Booster Kit APK

Detail of Booster Kit APK Download

Booster Kit APK Removes needless files and delivers up more memory
? Preserves your control level under control recognizing and preventing the apps that ingest too much energy
?Through Game Booster folder it can rises speed and FPS in games
? Booster Kit app download helps by giving the list of routinely launch apps, as well as gives the list of installed applications ? Stops system from covering and helps attain best presentation of your device
? ‘Booster Kit’ can work as a accessible widget switcher offering you with a fast access to the most commonly used tasks (Wi-Fi, Brightness, Volume, Flymode).

Works for speed and efficiency!

When you start keenly using your device, install and uninstall different kinds of apps, your system takes working with millions of remaining and outdated files, containing the old pictures you get in messages. As well as, you acquire bloatware that still consumes battery and memory even after the device changes to sleep. Of course, your device is still overheating and the system starts getting slow. Now it is better for a phone speed booster full in an attractive interface. Because, booster Kit is performing like a speed engine for your device, as it cleans the memory and saves the system.

At the moment you can enjoy your desired games functioning fast and perfect and attain best presentation of your device, saving it from jumble and remaining files.
You can get benefit of the handy widget switcher and take the info about your device’s presentation direct from the main screen! Long press the empty space on home screen, go to “Widgets” and discover “Booster Kit” tab. Now you can pick up your wanted problems: Trust grade screen with the expected battery lifetime; Memory or Storing thingamajig with info on used and accessible ability; And don’t disremember to make a “BOOST!” button on your Home screen to speed up your phone in a single click!
You can select among Simple or Progressive style and modify the settings of Booster for your extreme relief and suitability.