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NB: For Upgrade user, kindly reboot your cell phone once upgrade. Otherwise tap Exit in fresh version as well as restart. Top method is to fresh uninstalling previous version, reboot, and next install fresh version.

How’s Android Netcut help you?
1. You can fast discover every network client in WIFI, still while your cell phone has no suitable IP address or else not been approved apply wifi internet. As long as you linked to any WIFI,’s netcut can work.
2. Place on/off line to at all network clients, containing phone/xbox,softphone, PS3, PS4 etc.
3, You can disconnect network among two network clients within LAN , through place one of the client like “gateways” , next disconnect the other clients, next those two clients won’t be capable to chat to each other, eg: apple TV, Google TV, xiaomi box , disconnect the telephone link to those box, will stop display transmit similar to aspect.
4. Netcut Defender built in. (on and off in single tap)
5. Scan network as you think there are clients still on network and you can’t observe it.
6. Test phone kind, netcut will be capable record kind of phones.
7. Provide client simple to consider name. Long press every network client, a pop up window will let you enter name for the client.
8, Discover invader, if someone attempt to play Arp send-up to you, you will be capable of viewing it from netcut directly.


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