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Clap to Find is an exclusive app which assists you to discover your Android through only little claps of your hands. It’s in fact that easy: clap some periods as well as you’ll listen to your device’s ringtone.

You can select the kind of attentive you desire to get from your phone through settings, while clapping your hands. Through mistake, your ringtone will ring, however you can as well set it to shake or yet turn on the flash of camera.

Just before using of Clap to Find, your device’s display requires to be inactive (which it generally is while you put down your cell phone roughly here anywhere). Next, as long as the app is running and the display is inactive, only you have to clap your hands for a while to at once locate your Android.

Clap to Find APK is a truly helpful app that can save you from losing your smartphone or tablet. Only some claps when you walk around the home and, in a few moments, you’ll listen to accurately wherever you missing your device.

File Information

Author Name :Frimus
Update Date :Dec 19, 2019
File Size :APK (7.6 MB)
Google Play Link :Google Play Store
Requirements :Android 3.0+
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