Super Backup & Restore APK Download

The quickest data backup plus restore tool on Android mobiles!
You can backup applications, links, sms, call history, bookmarks, calendars to your SD card, Gmail, or Google Drive
Users can share installation APK file with their contacts through a single click.
You will certainly not misplace your data again!

Important Notice #1

if you expect to organize a factory reorganize on the mobile; kindly have surety of defaulting backup folder stands in your outer SD card previously doing it. Whether not, kindly copy the full backup folder to your outer SD card 

Important Notice #2
As Android M, contact bookmarks through 3rd application is inactivated, consequently Super Backup cannot backup as well as restore bookmarks.

Important Notice #3
If you plan programmed backups. In addition to use few apps like Task Killer or Memory Clear. Kindly make it definitely that you had enhance Super Backup into their White List or Ignore list. Or else Super Backup cannot work in background; in addition programmed backups will not run.

Important Notice #4
while finishing the SMS restores procedure; however the sms were not showed in your default SMS app. 

Main Aspects:

– First Backup apps to SD card
– Backup Google Play download connection for installed apps
– Backup & restore app’s data

-Group reestablishes apps from SD card

– Single click to share APK files
– Backup Links & SMS & Call records & Bookmarks & Schedules to SD card
– Restore Links & SMS & Call records & Bookmarks & Schedules from SD card
– Choose SMS chats to backup
– Remove the backup data on SD card
– Plan programmed backups
– Auto-upload programmed backup files to your Google Drive or Gmail
– Download backup files through Google Drive
– Display previous backup calculation & period
– you can adjust backup folder path in Sites
– Can backup Connection’s group as well as image properties

Super Backup & Restore APKAbout Permissions?

All of these are using for backup & restore TEXTS
These are used for backup & restore the Links


These are used for backup & restore the Bookmarks

These are used for backup & restore your Schedules

These are used for backup & restore your Call records

– Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Hungarian, Turkish ,Arabic, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech

Photo Grid – Photo Editor APK Download

Photo Grid APK

Photo Grid APK is a free photo editor app for camerawork zealots as well as Instagram clients! It is full of features as meme, video collage, pic collage, scrapbook, camera effect, instasize, crop, live face filter, sticky label, picture cutting, background, pattern, font, slideshow, blur, renovate, design and a lot more! Make as well as embellish fascinating pictures in moments! Photo Grid creates picture editing very simpler, in addition, turn clients into photo-editing controllers in a snap!

Photo Grid APK

– Granted Top App of 2016 through Google Play
– Widespread plus free photograph editor global
– Wonderful video collection creator
– millions of clients are in the whole world
– millions of photographs edited daily
– A lot of high-class facial credit filter
– Fresh content modernized weekly!
– Make superb snaps for free

Photo Editing: Embellish Your Pictures 

  • Collage Maker: there are many different collage patterns for you to syndicate photographs in changed methods; you can even modify patterns according to your requirements! Plan your personal picture making!
  • Scrapbook: Plan your own scrapbook through freestyle snap collage
  • embellish: Contact convenient tools at your accurate! Crop, resize, blur as well as embellish your photographs, you can even casing your pictures in Instagram famed complete 1:1 feature ratio! Increase sticky label, text, background, drawings, boarder plus pixelization, or modify your picture’s brilliance, difference, permeation and draft!
  • Sticky label: Identify your picture collage through sticky label as well as attractive emoji
  • Filter: 60+ attractive filters, containing embellish, historical, scenery, corona, black & white as well as all kinds of festal filters for lovely photographs.
  • Backgrounds: a great range of backgrounds
  • renovate: The newest cool facial credit technology supports make softer wrinkles, even on view skin tenors and eliminate marks rapidly through a one click.
  • Slideshow: Make slideshows by up to fifty pictures. Create song videos plus enhance different filters or a distinct signature.

? Video Collage: Syndicate videos as well as pictures

make video grid through up to 4 videos, whether you want to combine photographs as well as videos, you can casually mix overall 9 photographs as well as videos for collages equally. You can plan your personal wonderful video grid through 300+ designs, 80+ backgrounds plus 10 changed borders! 

? Design: Cool Background Image Creator

You can make exclusive wallpaper in only three stages, pick your picture, select a design usage our collection, then choose your desired shade as well as texture, it’s very easy and simple! Through 500+ supported sticky labels, you can even make some without snaps.

? Wow! Filter: Distinctive Effects Camera for Selfies or Video Footage

Create usual photographs look fanciful through 100+ lively filter effects. If you’re on your personal, by a colleague, or by though several people there are, Wow! Filter will reserve as well as enhance thrilling to your delightful instants. Not all moments are exciting, however Wow! Filter constantly is!

? Some common tools

crop & ratio, adjust, text, blur, frame, poster, twinkle, mosaic, layout, graffiti, filmstrip, instant share, 1-Tap save ? share, Venus filter

VidTrim – Video Editor APK Download

VidTrim APK

VidTrim APK used as a video editor as well as manager for Android. It is consist of several aspects as trimming, merging, border gripping, video effects, excerpt audio (exchange to MP3) as well as transcoding (poultice plus transform to MP4). You can similarly share your videos with your contacts openly from the app.

Top Video Editing Application for Android –

Suggested through (

VidTrim is App Of the Day on

Main Points of VidTrim APK:

– Video trimmer. Trim video clips exact on your device
– Combine video clips. Link (concatenate) numerous video clips into one.
– Transform video files to MP3 audio files.
– Revolve videos (Fast revolution without encoding or correct turning through encoding)
– Border grabber (protect image through videos)
– Share video clips. (Send e-mail, upload to YouTube etc.)
– Run video clips
– Retitle video clips
– Remove video clips
– Helps both ARM and x86 CPUs in one package.
– Comprises optimizations for ARMv7 NEON once accessible.

TEST Aspects in this free version (watermark will be applied to the effect video):
– Results. Apply casual video effects as B/W, Negate, Vintage, Vignette, Blur, Sharpen, Edge detect, Luma, SwapUV.
– Transcode video clips. The transcoder lets you to change video to MP4, resize plus poultice. 
– Increase song recording to your videos from transcoding aspect.

All videos/borders/mp3s are kept in VidTrim folder on the inner storing.

Supported languages:

– English
– Turkish
– German
– French
– Italian
– Portuguese
– Russian
– Greek
– Hebrew
– Dutch
– Czech
– Polish
– Arabic
– Chinese (Basic)

Whether you have any difficulties or proposals kindly connect with us at: [email protected]

Usages FFmpeg under approval of LGPL.

File Manager (File transfer) APK Download

File Manager APK

File Manager APK (File transfer)

File Manager APK for Android (File transfer) completely featured Cut, copy, and paste, delete, compress, decompress, and search as well as a lot more.

Completely Featured File Managing Tool! 
Established through the Clean Master team

Highpoints of File Manager

? completely featured: Cut, copy, and paste, delete, compress, decompress, and search as well as a lot more.
? Cloud support: Adjustment among local as well as cloud files – helps Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and much.
? Wi-Fi File transfer: Use your computer to wirelessly edit your cell phone files by FTP.
? Greatly suitable: Watch files through type (image, audio, video, recent, download etc. Use a widget to contact folders in single click through the home screen.
? Several procedures: Helps file transmissions by FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV plus LAN/SMB, stream media through LAN/SMB/FTP/WebDAV/Cloud without downloading.

Supported languages

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Czech
  • German
  • Greek
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • and many more

Smart Launcher 3 APK Download

Easy, Smart, Quick is the motto of Smart Launcher, the original custom launcher which has been carefully chosen through Google like an exclusive app on Play Store through January 2016. Smart Launcher mechanically arranges your apps in different groups letting you to instinctively discover any app in limited clicks.
Smart Launcher too offers you through a clean monitor that displays the apps which are used mostly. 

Customization is the main part of SL. It personalized the every part of app as well as lots of free subjects are accessible for free, offering icon pack, widgets as well as launcher skins. Nearly every icon pack held through Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher or Adw Launcher is helped in Smart Launcher also.

Particular features of SL are:
– special home screen designs: attempt the flower as well as the honeycomb designs;
– worldwide AI powered search bar: discover in apps, links and web.
– Smart turning off: your monitor mechanically turns off as soon as your telephone has been lay down;
– on display notifications: realize which app requires plugin;
– turn off: knock off the monitor by a double click;
– signals help: about ten different signals! 
– Hide apps: eliminate any app through your app network
– safety: choose the apps you need to hide as well as keep them through a PIN. 
– Popup widgets: double click on an icon to display the widget you selected; 
– little assets procedure: SL is enhanced to run significantly even on older devices as well as to use for small memory and battery in every condition. 
– Unlimited wallpaper collection: fresh wallpaper offered daily.
– Custom lock monitors: personalize as well as improve aspects to your lock monitor;

Smart Launcher is community-driven plan, commonly modernized through fresh features to help the most current Android APIs and fresh devices. You can link our community as well as discover the way to develop a beta tester by this connection:


Adobe Flash Player 11 APK Download

Adobe Flash Player 11 is an application that, just the once installed on your Android device, will permit you to contact the flash content of every webpage deprived of taking to contract through the well-known vacant boxes that receive you while you have not installed it.

By this application gets the usual steering practice to your smartphone, only as if you were using a computer. In fact, you will require a great device for greatest presentation; or else it may close up decelerating you down.

Recognitions to this application, for instance, you can observe every type of video on different webpages, or perform several of the top flash games through portals as MiniClip or Kongregate.

Adobe Flash Player 11 is a fascinating application for any holder of a great Android device. Upgrade to the complete web browsing skill through the ease of your smartphone display.

Root Checker APK Download

Confirm suitable root (superuser or su) contact is organized as well as working by Root Checker! Free, quick, simple, in addition to use on a lot of Android devices, Root Checker displays the client if or not root (superuser) contact is correctly installed and functioning.

This application offers even the latest Android client through an easy process to test their device for root (manager, superuser, or su) contact. The application offers a very easy client interface which simply informs the user if or not they have right format root (superuser) contact.

This application will check the device for root contact by a very easy, fast, as well as trustworthy process which has been effective for millions of Android devices. The su binary is the best famous binary used on Android devices to award as well as accomplish root (superuser) contact. Root Checker will test as well as confirm the su binary is situated in a usual setting on the device. And, Root Checker apk will confirm the su binary is correctly working in allowing root (superuser) contact.

Several times clients experience concerns beside the path of installing, arranging, and attaining of root contact. For certain clients the procedure can look difficult but for others the procedure can appear easy. Irrespective of the client’s mechanical talent set, Root Checker will fast as well as suitably confirm it or not root contact is 100% working. The procedure of checking root contact is occasionally recognized through other rules like, acquisition superuser access or acquisition manager access. Root Checker conceals all these terms like they share to one core task, capable of achieve commands by the su binary through root access.

Weather the Superuser management applications are installed as well as functioning correctly, these applications will ready the client to receive or reject the root access request through Root Checker. Taking the request will let Root Checker apk to test for as well as approve root contact. Rejecting the request will result in Root Checker reporting no root access.

Kindly don’t permit harmful feedback about a problem, virus or concern! In its place, kindly email me, tweet me, connect me on my web site –, IRC, or on the forums (XDA, RootzWiki, SDX, etc.) through your feedback, proposals as well as remarks!



Tiny Flashlight + LED APK Download

Tiny Flashlight + LED used as an easy, free, flashlight app by LED light as well as numerous display styles. Free plugins as the Strobe, Morse, and Blinking lights create this flashlight an exclusive output tools for your device.

Use the top flashlight on the market!
– Free
– Insanely sparkling, while by the LED flashlight
– Constantly accessible when you want it – this is the best enhanced and dependable flashlight app planned to reserve your battery life whereas working.
– Stay ready for emergency circumstances through added plugins as the Cautionary lights as well as Strobe, Morse, Blinking lights.


Samsung Print Service Plugin APK Download

The Samsung Print Service used as a system tool which allows wireless printing to Samsung printers as well as several other printer types through adding Mopria technology. Almost every fresh printer vended now through Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Pantum, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox are Mopria-certified to mark it simply to print your photographs, web pages, documents, vouchers, recipes and files through your most wanted apps. You can even control print settings containing color, sum of prints, paper positioning and printing on both sides.

In case of having a Samsung Galaxy phone, this system tool is previously pre-installed. For every Android phone or tablet working KitKat (4.4) or greater, installing this plug-in will support simple mobile printing through your device.

The Samsung Print Service plug-in is pre-installed on S4, S5, S6, S7 as well as several other Samsung phones & tablets. This plug-in cannot be uninstalled or progressed to a SD card. When plug-in updates are accessible your device will inform you. Kindly modify your settings to mechanically update this plug?in, or receive updates physically. In case of having  not pre-installed Galaxy phone or tablet, this plug-in can be downloaded as well as installed with the working of  Samsung device in Android KitKat (4.4) or later.

The Samsung Print Service will run through any device with Android KitKat (4.4) or later. KitKat was the main version of Android that built-in the “Android Print Outline” that lets an Android App to contact an integral printing system. While updates are accessible for the Samsung Print Service, your device will inform you.

Observe to realize if your Android App helps printing through seeing for a print icon, checking the App’s menu option or using the “Share” task.
Certain daily apps which help printing contain Gallery, Photographs, Chrome, Gmail, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
Several more apps have supported print or let you to share to the Samsung Print Service.

If you are not capable to find any printers, you may perhaps want to allow the Samsung Print Service.
Go to your device “Settings” and find for “Printing” to discover the Samsung Print Service. Then toggle the button from “Off” to “On”.

Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Pantum, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox brand-named printers are maintained. But not all models are Mopria-certified.
See to test if your printer model is maintained.



Chrome Remote Desktop APK Download

Chrome Remote Desktop is used as an official Google app, in addition, since its name recommends it lets you to manage your computer openly from the monitor of an Android device. While doing so, the single object that you have to do is organize the app and connect it with the PC that you desire to control.

If you want that Chrome Remote Desktop work accurately, first of all you require installing the Chrome expansion on the computer that you desire to control. You’ve to done the first step only for one time; as well as, you only have to connect the computer and your Android device in order to control the previous from a space.

The stream on your device has a superb quality of the audio and the video, how long you have an excellent Internet link. The changes among monitors are appealing runny and how long you don’t attempt to take out some difficult procedures, you maybe won’t observe any delay time at all.

Chrome Remote Desktop apk is an incredibly complete tool that creates it simple to control your computer (no issue what operating system you utilize) from an Android device. The tip of your finger will become the mouse cursor, and you can happily control the computer.
The way of controlling your PC from your Android
Since 2014, the bright young brains at Google started Chrome Remote Desktop, giving free service that lets you to send a hint to your desktop PC from every Android device. Tangible hand signal detection, real-time control at the time these aspects were close to innovative. It was still talented to apply your information plan as a substitute of relying on simple previous WiFi. While there are numerous options, this alternative is the same as simple as to use it easily to format.

Clap to Find APK Download

Clap to Find is an exclusive app which assists you to discover your Android through only little claps of your hands. It’s in fact that easy: clap some periods as well as you’ll listen to your device’s ringtone.

You can select the kind of attentive you desire to get from your phone through settings, while clapping your hands. Through mistake, your ringtone will ring, however you can as well set it to shake or yet turn on the flash of camera.

Just before using of Clap to Find, your device’s display requires to be inactive (which it generally is while you put down your cell phone roughly here anywhere). Next, as long as the app is running and the display is inactive, only you have to clap your hands for a while to at once locate your Android.

Clap to Find APK is a truly helpful app that can save you from losing your smartphone or tablet. Only some claps when you walk around the home and, in a few moments, you’ll listen to accurately wherever you missing your device.

NetCut APK Download

NB: For Upgrade user, kindly reboot your cell phone once upgrade. Otherwise tap Exit in fresh version as well as restart. Top method is to fresh uninstalling previous version, reboot, and next install fresh version.

How’s Android Netcut help you?
1. You can fast discover every network client in WIFI, still while your cell phone has no suitable IP address or else not been approved apply wifi internet. As long as you linked to any WIFI,’s netcut can work.
2. Place on/off line to at all network clients, containing phone/xbox,softphone, PS3, PS4 etc.
3, You can disconnect network among two network clients within LAN , through place one of the client like “gateways” , next disconnect the other clients, next those two clients won’t be capable to chat to each other, eg: apple TV, Google TV, xiaomi box , disconnect the telephone link to those box, will stop display transmit similar to aspect.
4. Netcut Defender built in. (on and off in single tap)
5. Scan network as you think there are clients still on network and you can’t observe it.
6. Test phone kind, netcut will be capable record kind of phones.
7. Provide client simple to consider name. Long press every network client, a pop up window will let you enter name for the client.
8, Discover invader, if someone attempt to play Arp send-up to you, you will be capable of viewing it from netcut directly.


Mobogenie Market APK Download

Mobogenie apk Market an exclusive app which mainly lets you to contact to a useful app store that is an option to the Google Play store.  Through Mobogenie Market user can’t download at all apps openly. As a substitute, user will be forwarded to Google Play.

But Mobogenie app Market permitted you to download apps openly; it would be somewhat a bit extra helpful. Unluckily, the single thing it can do is forward clients to Google Play; therefore it can’t do everything that significant. Actually, it can’t yet have a review of all app (as Aptoide does).

Contrasting the Windows version, the Mobogenie apk Market can’t let you to download apps openly. So you can say, it in fact is now helpful as it comes to watching the diverse apps that are accessible, therefore, you can go to Google Play or Aptoide apk and download them.

Retrica APK Download

Retrica is an exclusive picture app, which lets you to use diverse filters to your photographs, only as Instagram performs. But, contrasting Instagram, Retrica will let you to use those filters in actual moment, thus you can observe how a picture will appear even by you get it.

In overall, Retrica consist of some extra diverse filters with a lot of special modes, though the entire of them have a ‘vintage’ turn to them. You will discover filters by sepia qualities, black as well as white qualities, soft tones, etc. There are absolutely filters for every dissimilar feelings plus (nearly) all color.

Moreover, being capable of getting common photographs, you can as well create picture collections in Retrica only through choosing that choice. You can get distinct pictures or get up to nine successive snapshots for making enjoyment, new symphony.

Retrica moreover consists of further choices as synthetic shading (too integrated in Instagram) or a regulator, which lets you to get snaps with a stand.

Retrica apk is an outstanding picture app. once triumphing in iOS, where it turns into one of the central points of suggestion in the grouping, it has currently come to Android and it provides a few incredibly pleasant, absolutely free features.
Instagram liberates design, its personal collage-creating app
It’s strange, in view of its type as well as media impact that Instagram hasn’t taken on this special ball earlier than. Layout is absolutely sovereign tool that allows you make collections of your snapshots and use them like most wanted (containing by filters). You can post your collections to together Instagram apk and Facebook apk or at all other social network connected with your smartphone. Including previously open for iOS, Layout has currently only opened for Android.


PicsArt – Estudio APK Download

PicsArt – Estudio is used as an editing tool in multimedia that allows you adjust your photos in a lot of special styles: using facades, creating collections, making outlines and boundaries, addition of sticky labels, addition of texts, revolving metaphors, changing the color and a lot more.

The `magical effects’ justify an extraordinary state that allows you use filters extremely alike each others on Instagram. You have dissimilar alternatives to provide a last stroke to the photo such as comedian, neon, paper, previous paper, best, Popart 2, alleviated un-focusing, etc.

These photos edited on PicsArt can be shared openly on diverse social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Foursquare or Tumblr.

PicsArt– Estudio is an outstanding picture editing program. The great end of nearly all filters plus versions that you can insert to your snaps are its top distinctiveness mark.

OGWhatsApp APK Download

One time you install OGWhatsApp on your Android device, the app lets you to apply two different phone numbers by WhatsApp apk as of the similar Smartphone.

It´s greatly simpler to install OGWhatsApp apk instead of it may appear at opening. You only have to follow these three instructions:

-The first step is to create a support copy of every of your texts (in case of saving them) and next remove the entire user data for the app (otherwise you can only reinstall the app)

-The second step is to rename the /sdcard/WhatsApp index to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. You can do this by every file manager for Android, although it is simpler to do this from Windows.

-The third plus final step is to confirm your previous number in the OG version of WhatsApp, and next confirm your fresh number in the usual version of WhatsApp.

OGWhatsApp is awfully practical tool for clients who desire to have two WhatsApp car phone numbers on their Android device.

Xender – File Transfer & Share APK Download

Xender apk – top sharing app satisfying the entire your sharing requirements

? Share at all kind of files at every places by every time
? completely without cell phone data usage
? 200 times Bluetooth transmit speed
? helps Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform moving
? No require for USB link as well as installation of PC software
? Liked by about 500 Million customers
? Transmitted about 100 million files every day
? Run the entire songs and videos
? Wifi file convey master

?Key features?

? Convey files through flash speed
You can send any kind of files to your friends in moments! It can reach with highest speed of 40Mb/s.

? Share the entire of files with no limitations
Xender shift everything you desire, as of documents, photos, to videos and apps.

? No need of network link
you can shift files to friends everywhere and anytime without any cable, internet, and data usage.

? Send big files with no restriction
Xender Sharing pictures, videos, apps, documents and every other file forms of limitless file volume.

? Helps cross stand shifting
make simpler links of telephones & tablets & PC/Mac and helps you to share every files among Android, iOS and Windows operation systems.

? Smart phone duplication
Smart switch, mobile data as links, SMS, photos, songs, videos, games and at all other files from your previous phone to the fresh one in an easy step.

? File manager
allows to look, go or remove files you received and still to create a backup copy at any time you require to fresh the phone storage.

? Check out linked friends’ cell phone apps
different applications from your friend’s cell phone will be established to your personal phone while linked effectively and can be shared through single tap.

? Pleasant design
please the users’ extra operating requirements through tasks connected to shift files as: opening, installing, uninstalling, removing, screening etc.

? skim photos to share
Xender easily share pictures to your friends through sliding.

Supported languages
English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, , Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, etc.



MoboPlay App Store APK Download

MoboPlay App Store is an extremely entire market where users can discover every app as well as games they desire with a single tap. This device allows you take pleasure from your favorite apps and find out other tools through an easy and suitable method. 

This app arranges its content mainly in four big windows: featured, games, apps, as well as discover. The first one helps you to discover about the apps and games which have been downloaded largely in the previous some days, allowing you to discern first of all which apps are the much famous. The discover window allows you view the featured apps of the date thus you don’t fail to view only fresh release. 

Every app’s data page clarifies the lot thing you require to recognize in detail containing about its use and about contained in the newest version. This allows you reply every question you might have while contrasting two diverse apps and select the single that most excellent according to your requirements. As of the setup menu, you can uninstall apps, fresh trash, and remove APK files which you no longer require. Through MoboPlay App Store, you can download every app you desire through a single tap.

9Apps APK Download

9Apps APK Download not simply offers you a total fresh method to follow particularly free android apps as well as games, other than too presents a single-stop facility of quick downloading and apps managing. Through 9Apps, you can find out humorous and expanded Android apps and games of elevated feature daily, giving a colorful life to your mobile!
Main Keys:
1. plentiful apps and games through skilled suggestions daily
you can find a selection of free apps and games here. In the meantime, trained editors will underline every day suggestions for you. You can simply search hot and fresh apps and games; next download them in Google Play.
2. Short UI through smooth process
through a smaller space of 1MB installation package, 9Apps keep storage for your device. In the meantime, short UI and smooth process provide you big user skill.
Please nicely keep in mind that according to Google Play rules, whole of downloading must be transmitted to Google Play. As a result, only get it simple to download anything you want for free with no doubts.its look like aptoide apk
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Battery Doctor APK Download

Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler

Battery Doctor (Power Saver) is a free plus skilled battery collector app to prevent power-draining apps, keep battery life and safe battery health. Link about 330 million customers who are enjoying long-lasting battery power!

Main Points:

? Single click Power Optimization
Only single click will prevent the power-draining apps from operating
? Strong Charge Master
Check indicting position and lengthen battery life while charging.
? Elegant Use of Battery
Find out how extended your battery will previous below a range of state (playing games, WiFi (on the go), etc.). Obviously confirm the position of battery life and usage.
? Suitable Power-Saving Widget
Fast contact to power linked method settings (Wi-Fi, data, brightness, etc.)
?Battery Cooler
Battery Cooler quality exactly discovers phone hotness, immobilizes heat-producing apps to cold down battery.

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Aspect list:
– Keep Power Shortcut that destroys errands through single click!
– Slay apps as screen is off!
– Perfect battery lasting time!
– Perfect charging time left over!
– Program power reduction methods for job/class/nap and other
– Exclusive 3 step Charging method!
– WiFi/Data/Bluetooth toggles!
– Brightness control!
– Battery hotness!
– Elegant charging instructions!
– 28 languages maintained!
– Easy accessible interface!

Battery Doctor apk is the easiest method to remain your battery fit by preventing power overwhelming apps, cold down battery hotness and checking battery position?

Keep on joined!
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Pegipegi Hotel Train Flight APK Download

Pegipegi Hotel Train Flight APK Download

Pegipegi is an app enables you to have a simple contact for Hotel Booking, Flight Tickets, as well as Train Tickets in moments. Take advertising cost and special markdown for Pegipegi app consumer.

Hotel reserving
• openly linked through more than 7.000 hotels in Indonesia
• Top charges agreement
• Reserve at the time of stay
• Presents map for matching hotel charges according to locality
• Trip Advisor will assist you through ratings and reviews to search the suitable hotel
• Provide exact hotel information, containing hotel services and nearby travelers attractions
• Discover low-priced hotel in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Semarang simply through your fingertips• Officially work together with hotel groups: Amaris Hotel, Aston Hotel, Best Western Hotel, favehotel, Grand Tjokro Hotel, HARRIS Hotel, Horison Hotel, Jayakarta Hotel, Kagum Hotel, POP! Hotel, RedDoorz Hotel, Red Planet Hotel, Sahid Hotel, Santika Hotel, Swiss-BelHotel, Whiz Hotel, Zenroom Hotel dan many more

Flight tickets
• About 20,000 flight routes daily, together household and worldwide flights
• Offer simple understandable online reserving flight routing
• Flight information, like flight ticket cost, flight number, flight exit time, flight coming time, and flight ticket booking particulars, are accessible to observe
• Find low-priced flight tickets daily and acquire flight tickets charges sponsorship to a lot of most wanted destination from famous airlines
• Officially work together with: Lion air, Citilink, Air Asia, Sriwijaya Air, Batik Air, Wings Air, NAM AIR, ASITA and Visit Indonesia

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Train Tickets
• Officially work together through PT. KeretaApi Indonesia
Pegipegi is an official colleague of PT KeretaApi Indonesia therefore the tickets authencity is definite
• Provides journey to about 200 train stations in Indonesia
Pegipegi provides online reserving train tickets about 200 train stations, containing large and little train stations along Indonesia
• Queue-free and free to select train seats or train class that you desire
Through reserving train tickets on Pegipegi, you need not to make line in train station any longer to get tickets.

Simple, Secure & Relaxed deal
Pegipegi apk application provides a quick and simple transaction skill. We as well present different fee processes, like ATM, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Internet Banking, and give in currency at near Infomart!

Full Time Customer Service
Helped by skilled narrow client Service who can be arrived at through phone, e-mail, BBM, Line and Whatsapp, Pegipegi will assist you to sketch your tour through online reserving service. You can as well like a lot of Travel guidelines that you can apply as your roaming suggestion

About Pegipegi
Pegipegi is an online travel agent group in Indonesia that provides hotel reserving, flight tickets and train tickets. It was first established on May 7th, 2012 by Minister of Tourism and Economy Creative, Marie ElkaPangestu. By the help from Recruit Holdings, a Japanese group which has a lot of practices in running and Altavindo, Pegipegi has been a simple, secure, and quick online travel booking service in Indonesia.




Myntra Online Shopping APK Download

Myntra Online Shopping APK Download

Myntra is an app to use for shopping online. You can get the online world of shopping with you anywhere you walk off, find your most wanted stylish brand name, outfits stores, and collections with a single.

Through browsing you can about three lac goods of 2 thousand brands at once on the Myntra shopping app. Discover the most recent fashion in daily life and shop from the leading outfits store for T-shirts, Bags, Shoes, Kurtis, Jewellery, Footwear, Sarees, Skirts, Dresses, jackets, Watches, Wallets, jeans, Furniture and many more.

Myntra’s new app offers you 100% creative goods, one month hassle-free takings with suitable delivery  on cash option

The online products consist of

•Male’s shopping – Male’s wristwatches,outfits,foot wears, T-shirts, casual shirts, bags, purse, sunglasses, smart watches, earphones, Sports Shoes as of brands like Nike, Casio, Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Pepe& watches from Fastrack, Levis and a lot more

• Female’s shopping – Sari, Anarkali, lehnga choli, paddedbra, party wear, Ladies wristwatches, shrug, Jumpsuit, , Kurtis, tops, sandles for women, handbags, jewellery online, lipsticks, personal care, online garments store. Shop from top brands as Mango, All About You, Forever 21, W, AND, Only ,Biba and much more

• children shopping – tops, jewelry, foot wears, children dresses, bracelets, bags, online shopping for children, kids foot wear, girls clothes, girls wristwatches

• House furnishing – Bedsheets, pillow covers, bedspreads, towels, curtains, cushions, bath mat, swayam, seats, raymond& porch.
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Main Points
• Improve your exploration based on fame, cut rate, costs, colors, sizes and many by kind & filter aspects

  • Gain huge cut rate: Find objects at suitable cost with incorporated Myntra voucher code in your account & obtain notifications on top deals and offers
    • Quick and Safe depart: give through cash-on-delivery, net-banking, or credit and debit cards options
    • Observe complete product information through loaded imagery and fashion remarks from our trend editors
    • Login faultlessly through Facebook and Google
    • Assure of well-timed deliverance supported through Flipkart’s delivery network
    • Wishlist& Collections: Keep trends for afterward by adding up to your wishlist directly from the app.
    • Sharing prepared simple: Obtain fashion ideas as of your friends through sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and email
    • Post shots of how smart you look & obtain the community to show their likes
    • Pass on your friends & acquire INR100

    Main Note Concerning Permissions

    • Account: These are used for mixing with Facebook and Google+
  • Receive/Read SMS: To autofill OTP for a soft mobile deal
    • Contact: Allow to build your mode network on the Myntra apk app
    • Location: Enable to locate definite proposes and assist the delivery staff
    • Phone category: Launch your personality on the system therefore like to correct if you look any concern
    • Photos/Files: Enable sharing of product imagery
    •Camera:  Allow captivating a photo & posting way shots


Cool Optimizer pefect APK Download

Cool Optimizer pefect APK Download

Energizing interface, easy process, used for your simple practice!

Obvious the junk, remove Caton, our application is used for allowing you in the energizing practice

could it possible for you to use your phone for entertaining!

Smoothly, optimize your cell phone, and optimize your skill!

No need of any hesitation in coming!


Apps Library APK Download

Apps Library APK Download

Apps Library APK provides its users a contact to a group of all-in-one varied contents, as of handset personalization tools and dependence applications to famous games, e-learning and films, providing a nonstop run of exclusive content. It carries you a fresh level of cell phone practice through Phone Mixture, which is packed in single app as well as you never had before.  

Main Points;
through numerous telephone perfection apps to select from, you need not to have view somewhere else. If you need some optimization app to open up storage, boost presentation, expand battery time, find phone, safety lock, you found all these things enclosed in Apps Library apk download.

find tips for self improving and learn films by your own expediency. No need of uninteresting books, knowledge can be exciting! 

filled with all types of the top games, there are impressive things for everybody! Have an immense selection of games as Classic, arcade, sports, puzzle, board, racing and a lot more, this will gratify all requirements of your game.

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find out wonderful videotapes and download them to enhance your library. Desire a little attractive cuts or humorous videos for laughing? You’ll find to take pleasure in a collection of top clips for enjoyment on your mobile.

Ringtones, Wallpaper
set your Android through artistic backgrounds as well as sounds. Personalize your monitor by beautiful backgrounds; you will never get fed up by your mobile any longer. Through a library of ringtones, you will discover one that will fit for all feelings and experiences.


Google Duo APK Download

Google Duo APK Download

Google Duo is a video calling app using for one-to-one for everybody – planned to be easy, dependable and entertaining thus you not at all ignore a second.

Main Points: 

Easy interface
select a dear one and leap exact in, through an easy interface that carries video to the vanguard.

Knock Knock
observe the caller previous to you choose up through Duo’s live foretaste quality.

Elevated class video
practice quicker and extra dependable video calls whether you’re lying on Wi-Fi or on-the-go.

Video calls to all of your links along with Android and iOS through only single easy app.

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Auditory Calls
create just audio calls toward your contacts as you can’t in a position to have a video call.


Lantern: Better than a VPN APK Download

Lantern: Better than a VPN APK Download

Lantern is used for unblocking your favorite apps; in addition, it is easy contact to Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp and MORE! 

Lantern apk download lets you to avoid firewalls and use your desired apps and contact your most wanted websites as you’re at school or work. 

Simple – It need not any set up, no setting, no signup, no registration, only tap and go!

Quick – Lantern gives a fast connection, so you need not to wait evermore for your apps to weight or for the website to pop up in the browser.  

FREE – The app offers 500 MB free for speed data every month. Carry on browsing at a lesser speed still once you exceed your monthly limit! Everybody ought to have contact to the Internet, download Lantern and take it currently! 
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USE Everywhere – You can use Lantern everywhere for immense browsing and streaming at school, office, or house! 

Little Download – Lantern needs only 8 MB and doesn’t acquire any time in downloading. Just download it, and find to anywhere you require going!

Safe Lantern makes you safe by encrypting all of your traffic thus nobody can preview in and observe where you are available. You can surf the Internet in quietly! 

Sociable – We adore hearing from you, when there’s a concern or a proposal. Keep in contact: [email protected]

LANTERN Expert – Shun all kinds of blocking, find Lantern PRO and contract the top blocking opposition accessible through the uppermost speed and limitless data! purchase the one or two year sketch and obtain limitless contact anytime!



Tango – Free Video Call & Chat APK Download

You can keep in touch with the people whom you like. Tango is app used for messaging app along with video calling. It offers free messages as well as calls. Tango is used in smartphones and tablets. Millions of people have joined Tango!

· GREATEST VIDEO CALLING – First of all Tango offers the greatest video calling. It is used in smartphones and tablets, therefore you can constantly call the people whom you want everyplace in the world.
· ALL THE STRUCTURES – you can use it for Sending as well as receiving messages, signs, photographs, audiovisual, audial and setting messages for free. It enables you to voice calls and video calls everywhere in the world for free.
· ENJOYABLE – It not only offers video call, but have exciting when you have video calling. Refer stickers, enhance filters, as well as play games in a call. All is free.

· GROUPS – Tango apk can makes you to have in contact with the groups of people whom you want. Send messages, photographs, videos, tags & a lot more to a group. Tango also offers free services to groups.
· SOCIAL – You can keep in contact with exciting people close and everywhere in the world. Share photographs, videos with your groups and get informs from others. 

· ANIMATE – Tango android enables you to share your life with your desired persons such as it occurs and relate with them in real-time.

In case of some feedback, queries, worries or feature needs then kindly email us at [email protected]


Nova Launcher APK Download

Nova Launcher substitutes your home screen through one you control and can modify. Conversion of icons, designs, lives and much more.

On behalf of my currency, Nova Launcher is an exclusive of the AOSP-style launchers accessible in mobile. –Android Police
Nova Launcher takes certain exact talented hands behindhand it –Phandroid
Our preferred is Nova Launcher, which slowdowns an excessive impeccable steadiness among unbelievable presentation as well as great customizability deprived of receiving besides gimmicky and tough to use –Lifehacker
Block all of features you won’t discover in the standard launcher, and approaches extremely recommended –Android Central

•?Icon Themes – Discover a lot of themes of Icon for Nova Launcher on the Play Store
•?Subgrid setting – Nova Launcher lets you to quick icons or widgets in very little time by grid cells desktop
•?Color controls – for tags, files, unread devices, drawer tabs as well as backgrounds
•?Modify App Drawer – Routine tabs, Perpendicular or Parallel scrolling, Routine things
•?Better Widget Drawer – Widgets gathered through app creates it more quicker in using

    • ?Unlimited scroll – Certainly not far away since your desired page, circle over the desktop or drawer constantly
      •?Backup/Reestablish – Stylish backup/reestablish method letting you to back up your desktop design as well as launcher locations
      •?Scrollable Dock – Make numerous docks as well as scroll among them
      •?Widgets in dock – Abode some widget in your dock, for example a 4×1 song player widget
      •?Import Design – You need not to remake your desktop from scrape, Nova Launcher apk can import from best famous launchers. Containing any that arose through your phone.
      •?Quick- Nova Launcher is greatly enhanced to organize its work fast and gently, protecting the lives charming in addition allowing you use your phone quickly your fingers can move.

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  • Nova Launcher Prime
    Reveal the succeeding additions via buying Nova Launcher Prime
    •?Signs – Putdown, tweak, binary pat and a lot on the home screen to open your desired apps
    •?Unread Counts – Certainly not omission a text. Unread count symbols for Regular place, SMS, Gmail and more using the TeslaUnread plugin
    •?Custom Drawer Groups – Make fresh tabs or files in the app drawer
    •?Distinguish Apps – Have a fresh app drawer via smacking never used apps
    •?Icon Jabs – Fixed custom activities for copping on app shortcuts or files
    •?Extra scroll things – For example Wipe, Accordion, and Throw


Super VPN – Best Free Proxy APK Download

Detail of Super VPN – Best Free Proxy APK Download

? Main Points:
– Boundless period, Limitless data, Infinite Bandwidth
– Reserved Internet contact
– Not any credit cards needed
– Certainly not registration or login necessary
– No Record is protected from any customers
– Easy, cool to use, single click link to VPN
– Encodes you internet traffic
– Save your safety and confidentiality
– Great speed
– Practice great safety SSL VPN tunnel mode
– Offer worldwide VPN servers network to different countries like US, Japan,etc.
– Best SSL VPN router for mobile
– Fast speed unnamed VPN Facility from Reserved Internet Contact
– Save yourself by our safe VPN tunnel
– Increase your online confidentiality as well as assist you to carefully and namelessly browse the Internet
– Encodes data by OpenVPN procedures
– Protector of android

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? How VPN help us?
– Offer confidentiality via vanishing your internet movement from your ISP
– Save you beside hackers or online followers while using an open Wi-Fi hotspot
– use open or hotel Wi-Fi in assurance
– You can break the preventive network at office and academy
– Contact complete Netflix as well as streaming content from outer the USA
– Lets you to make a safe linking with other network above the Internet
– Use simulated reserved network (or VPN) to safe your Internet traffic
– Convert your IP address
– Unclog sports or videos in all places
– Unclog or Avoid entirely jammed sites
– Appreciate you real online liberty



Kika Keyboard APK Download

Detail of Kika Keyboard APK Download

Kika Keyboard serves as a free emoji Android keyboard. It makes typing quick, perfect as well as enjoyment!

Kika Keyboard apk download has lot of emoji’s, emoticons, cheery faces, smileys, labels, humorous GIFs?, trendy keyboard themes, free fonts, jingles and millions of free goodies! You can’t be bored while chatting through Kika Keyboard – Fonts, Emoji, and Gifs!

The app gives you a chance to avoid errors through its ultra-intelligent analytical version!

Kika offers above three thousand emoji’s and emoticons, stylish GIFs, labels, and exciting themes, more than one hundred fifty languages. Kika enables you to chat with anyone you like! ??

Emoji and Emoticons
-A lot of android emoji, emoticons, kaomoji, big emoji, label, lively emoji, avatar emoji.
– Japanese emoticons (?° ?? ?°), (? ³?) ?
– Emoji & emoticons guess to compare your words from keyboard.
– Emoji fine art, Emoji signs, Emoji dictionary, Emoji answer, Emoji ASCII, Emoji wallpaper, Emoji games, Emoji maker, photo emoji, chatting emoji, messages emoji, snapchat emoji, emoji editor for photographs, emoji for facebook post.
Main Features:
? it is an exclusive keyboard using instinctive backing for WhatsApp’s covering tendency emojis.
?A constantly rising collection of FREE emoji, labels and humorous gifs for Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo SMS and other social media messengers.
Simple fonts as well as keypress sounds are using for enjoyment.

You can select your own photographs, wallpapers, emoji wallpaper, applock images, and launcher images through Custom Keyboard.
QWERTY, QWERTZ as well as AZERTY in place of phone style and extra designs definitely for pad tablet.


Kika offers safety for your private info and save the photographs you fixed by way of wallpapers. We just practice the words input through you to create the guesses much perfect.

We are continuously try on making the “Kika Keyboard-Emoji, GIFs” app improved as well as more beneficial, smart, computerization for your typing requirements.

Link Us
Official Website:


Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos APK Download

Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos APK Download

Vault is an exclusive app for mobile. It is especially planned to fleece reserved images, videos, sms, call records and links of mobiles. At present millions of users globally using Vault to guard their mobile confidentiality whereas enjoying App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and much more.
Main Features

? a great protector: Vault apk download app enables its users to save their photographs, videos, sms, calls and all contacts through password. All of these can also be backed up to Cloud Space for superior safety.

? App Lock (Secrecy Defense): You can use App Lock to safe your group, photograph, call records and telephone apps to avoid confidentiality leakage.

? Reserved Browser: Through Private browser, your internet surf will vacate no bits after. It also has a Reserved Bookmark feature.

? Cloud Stoppage: Back up your texts, links and call records, photographs and videos to Cloud therefore they certainly not misplaced.

? Data Transfer: Through Cloud Backup feature, you can simply handover your data to a fresh phone.

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Progressive Features

? Manifold Vault & False Vault
Make many vaults through changed passwords for keeping pictures, videos or reserved links separately. In addition to one of them can be a false vault.

? Secrecy Mode
Create ‘Vault’ icon vanish from screen as well as it can merely be establish once more with the right password, thus no one discerns it occurs.

? Break-in Alarms
In secret cracks an image of anyone who tries to contact through an incorrect password. Vault seizures a photograph, the time imprint and PIN code arrived through all interlopers.


? Q&A:

1. what should I do in case of forgotten my password?

You should input “Forgot Password” in security Email by inputting the wrong password. Click on the arrival and follow the commands to reorganize your password.

2. What is the procedure to enter vault in stealth mode?

In stealth mode, you can enter “Vault” apk through inaugural the phone’s dial pad, entering “##your Vault password” (for instance, input ##456 if your password is “456”), then tapping Send (or Call) button.

3. Why the photos/videos are misplaced?
Few free apps may routinely remove Vault’s data folder used to collection of photographs and videos. Therefore, kindly do not select to remove Vault’s data folder and subfolders while using such apps.

You can also standby your sms, photographs and videos to cloud through using “Cloud Backup” feature in the best page of Vault.



SuperVPN Free VPN Client APK Download

SuperVPN Free VPN Client APK Download

SuperVPN is overall a free VPN client.
It is very cool and simple in using, just one tap to linking VPN.
unlimited bandwidth and unlimited free experimental time.

* Guard your confidentiality, gives you safety from any other tracking
* Unclog geologically controlled websites
* Not any registration compulsory, certainly not settings necessary
* Not any speed restriction, no bandwidth check
* Single tap to linking VPN
* No root contact required
* Encodes your internet traffic
* Best server speed & dependability
* Consuming best safe VPN solution

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SuperVPN apk app offers twenty days test. Afterward, you can use the app for one hour every sitting. After sitting finishes, a simple relink will acquire extra sitting.


Hello – Caller ID & Blocking APK Download

Detail of Hello – Caller ID & Blocking APK Download

Create your phone cooler through Hello. Made through Messenger only for Android, Hello apk download associates info from Facebook by the connect info on the phone. Therefore it’s cool to keep in contact with the people you loved.

It is possible for you to know about caller, slab undesirable calls as well as explore the persons and positions on Facebook  apk. Users can too call and message persons for free by Messenger.

• Know about caller even if the phone number is not saved.
• Simply slab undesirable calls.
• Mechanically slab calls that are jammed through many people.
• Discover your mobile links and persons as well as position on Facebook, lacking of changing among apps.
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• Constantly take the up-to-date info around your links, containing the profile images as well as anniversaries.
• Exposed a Facebook profile or Page only with a single click.
• Call as well as message for free through Messenger.
• Call, enhance as well as control links — according to your wish.

Download “Hello” plus create it your dialer.

Google Calendar APK

Detail of Google Calendar APK Download

The formal Google Calendar app saves the time as well as create the most of every day for mobile and tablet.
• It presents changed styles to observe the calendar – Rapidly change among month, week and day watching.
• Occasions from Gmail apk – Airlift, guesthouse, show, eating place reservations and many more addition to the calendar routinely.
• To-dos – Using of Reminders to make and observe to-dos together with your occasions.
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• Aims – Increase individual aims—as “run 3 periods weekly”—and Google Calendar apk will plan time mechanically.
• Fast occasion making – Cool proposals for occasion labels, places and persons protect you time while making occasions.
• You can have all calendars in one place – ‘Google Calendar’ works with all calendars on your phone, containing Exchange.

SwiftKey Keyboard APK

Detail of SwiftKey Keyboard APK Download

Upgrading the mobile’s keyboard to SwiftKey Keyboard for free – and acquire extra ended without worrying over misprints. You can link billions of persons international who are using SwiftKey Keyboard without any irritation.
SwiftKey Keyboard apk download uses Fake Intellect to mechanically acquire the style of writing, comprising the emoji if you want to use, it is up to you to use the words. That means autocorrect and prognostic message that really works since it adjusts to you.

‘SwiftKey Keyboard’ provides all types of writing – all shades, schemes and subjects. It enables to use 150+ languages.
– Eradicates your mistakes
– Type quicker with A.I.-powered forecasts
– Just put down typing with SwiftKey Run
– Autocorrect that really workings
– Constantly knowledge your argot, epithets and sayings
– Emoji keyboard – acquires and forecasts your desired emoticons
– Multilingual autocorrect through 150+ languages
– Explain the autocorrect your chances from your online accounts
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Search extra about Swift Key’s key structures:

Backings 150+ languages, containing:
English (US, UK, AU, CA)
Spanish (ES, LA, US)
Portuguese (PT, BR)

Get the whole list of languages now:

“SwiftKey Keyboard” appeals contact to your text for developing word forecasts created on your typing early.
Certain features are just supported through definite types of Android. Emoji is provided on Android 4.1 and overhead. In case of extra information on emoji as well as FAQs, kindly view at


µTorrent – Torrent Downloader APK Download


Detail of µTorrent – Torrent Downloader APK Download

uTorrent is the formal BitTorrent user app as well as number 1 Android torrent downloader in the Google PlayStore

It is very cool and simple way of torrenting to download MP3 song, movie, images, and pictures downloads beside other torrent download right since files on the internet or from electromagnet contacts.

u Torrent apk downloads documents at amazing speed with the BitTorrent hyperactive share chatting procedure for every bit of file sharing. Excruciating the downloadable folder into manifold portions and using multi-threading over broadcasting supports you download song as well as movie files a lot of times quicker.

Quick, dainty, and great: that’s the basic skill of our torrent download. We established ‘uTorrent’ downloader everywhere your mobile movie & song download requirements

? charmingly dainty, fresh scheme
? Share files easily from your mobile/tablet.
? Definitely not download speed restrictions as well as no torrent download dimension restrictions
? Transformations in P??????, Español, Italiano, Português do Brasil

Progressive Structures
? Wi-Fi first style to protect torrents on mobile files
? Select your file download site
? Select among removing torrents simply, or torrents & files
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Fresh users:
“uTorrent” torrenting app as well as download folder manager for your mobile. The users like free song downloads and seeing films online.

? Search for magnet contacts and tap on them while looking for torrents online.
? Downloading many music files, run them as a whole playlist
? Choose documents to download in a torrent to reduce your storing outline
? Create your mobile a lot more entertaining


**Kindly use magnet contacts wherever conceivable**

Your response is very significant to us. Kindly email we right at [email protected] in case of some complications, or any appeals for the user group. A lot of thanks to you in advance.

Stark VPN APK Download

Detail of Stark VPN APK Download

Stark VPN serves free service and easy to use.

* Cool and very simple in using
* Limitless information
* Safe linking
* Firm backing
* Small usage of battery and ram
* Approachable torrent

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let’s enjoy free services of Stark VPN apk download


TextPlus: Free Text & Calls APK Download

Detail of TextPlus: Free Text & Calls APK Download

TextPlus enables you to call and message through a real phone number. In addition, you can text any US or Canada number or call international.

TextPlus apk download is an exclusive app for calling and texting with an indigenous phone number.
TextPlus is the FIRST app which make contacting others simple, low-cost and irritation free.


– Change the tablet as a phone for free messaging and calling through a real US number!
– Best for contacting with everyone in the US / Canada however roaming overseas
– Conference texting / message / refer MMS & SMS
– Limitless free incoming calling and calls
– Contact your talk and call history on every device through free cloud presenting


‘TextPlus’ a free service!
“TextPlus” app has no fees. It has few advertisements. In case of not liking them, you have to pay to eliminate them.

Top SMS phone substitute for:

– wanting another number for work / secrecy
– Children
– seniors
– tourists to and from the US
– watching to save money on cell phone bills.

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– Complete image messaging (MMS): refer, accept and save photographs
– Customizable text-tone, themes, ringtone & vibration
– Fast Answer to simply reply to friends
– United inbox: direct and accept your texts right through any device
– Real SMS texting and calling: text and call EVERY phone that receives SMS texting

Link our Google+ Community and come to be a beta tester. Visit and contact to fresh features.


Dropbox APK Download

Detail of Dropbox APK Download

Dropbox preserves the records and group in sync. Dropbox apk download enables you to access all of you saving from any of your devices. You can send a big amount of data easily, even to persons who don’t use ‘Dropbox’ apk . In addition many features for example, doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and a lot more, cooperating with others is very easy.

Main Points:
• Grouping working over shared folders
• the document scanner is use to change takings, whiteboards, and records into PDFs
• Remark on documents to share response with your group
• Sync, share, and correct Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
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you are welcome to give your proposals! Link the “Dropbox”  community:

Advanced Download Manager APK Download

Detail of Advanced Download Manager APK Download

– Users can download three files at a time from internet on  Advanced Download Manager (ADM);
– quicker downloading through using multi-stringing (nine portions)
– capture of contacts from mobile browsers as well as clipboard;
– files can be download in contextual and restart when disappointment;
– carry load of pictures, official papers, files and programs;
– download SD-card for Lollipop and Marshmallow;
Advanced Download Manager (ADM) apk download keen process for improved quickness of downloading;
– use only Wi-Fi for downloading;
– increase downloading for 2G, 3G and 4G networks;
– altering the extreme quickness in genuine time;
– film as well as song downloader;
– ‘Advanced Download Manager’ (ADM) More than 2 gigabyte files are supported;

Progressive Settings:
– border customization as well as subjects;
– choose the folder for downloaded records;
– changed programmed activities after concluding;
– protect changed file in changed folders;
– auto stay procedure in case of low charge battery;
– auto restart after mistakes as well as disruption of linking;
– receiving dimension of file;
– outlines for every kind of link;
– automatic process on agenda;

Fresh Interface:
– small substantial plan;
– filter through kinds and position;
– missing menu through fast options;
– background menu for cool managing;
– arranging downloads through order, size and label;
– exposed finalized files over chosen apps;
– making of progressive outlines for sites;

Comprehensive Notifications:
– notification panel has icons with development and speed;
– accomplishment of notification through sound and tremor.

Creating of ADM Browser:
– backing of many tabs;
– progressive media downloader;
– list of the past and bookmarks;
– cool transfer file to downloader;
– download mp3 from common records;
– capture of mp4 film from tubes;

Easy control for downloads Advanced Download Manager (ADM):
– to start/stop the procedure click download;
– to open the file click on the complete download;
– To show the background menu click long on the download.