Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler

Battery Doctor (Power Saver) is a free plus skilled battery collector app to prevent power-draining apps, keep battery life and safe battery health. Link about 330 million customers who are enjoying long-lasting battery power!

Main Points:

? Single click Power Optimization
Only single click will prevent the power-draining apps from operating
? Strong Charge Master
Check indicting position and lengthen battery life while charging.
? Elegant Use of Battery
Find out how extended your battery will previous below a range of state (playing games, WiFi (on the go), etc.). Obviously confirm the position of battery life and usage.
? Suitable Power-Saving Widget
Fast contact to power linked method settings (Wi-Fi, data, brightness, etc.)
?Battery Cooler
Battery Cooler quality exactly discovers phone hotness, immobilizes heat-producing apps to cold down battery.

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Aspect list:
– Keep Power Shortcut that destroys errands through single click!
– Slay apps as screen is off!
– Perfect battery lasting time!
– Perfect charging time left over!
– Program power reduction methods for job/class/nap and other
– Exclusive 3 step Charging method!
– WiFi/Data/Bluetooth toggles!
– Brightness control!
– Battery hotness!
– Elegant charging instructions!
– 28 languages maintained!
– Easy accessible interface!

Battery Doctor apk is the easiest method to remain your battery fit by preventing power overwhelming apps, cold down battery hotness and checking battery position?

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Requirements: Android 4.0+