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Auto Comment is use for allowing its users to remark mechanically in the posts which they created in a Facebook’s group, their profile or photos.
•Enlarge a post that you completed only pasting the connection
•Introduce your post from a file created in the page
•Fix the comment that will be creat routinely
•Fix the time intermission
•It Fix a time choice in which the post will be remark the post mechanically or only check all day
•On or off Auto Comment apk download  task when you wish
•You can remark all your lively posts only clicking on the reference now button

Guidelines (You can follow the video demo):
Adding the post option 1:
1 – Tap on the button Enlarge Post
2 – Keep an eye on the stages.
3 – The Post’s connect you can take it from a browser as Chrome in the phone, login in facebook and go to the group then click on the post that you want to add.

Adding the post option 2:
1 – Go to the page in and made all the fields from your pc.
2 – The connection you can take it from facebook page accepted to your posts and copy the connection from the address bar.
3 – After adding all the posts, you can tap on Download File and save it in your phone’s memory.
4 – Open Auto Remark and then tap on Posts.
5 – At the end make a tap on Introduction from file.
6 – Choose the file that you made in the page and the posts will be add if there is not error in the file.

After adding the posts, you can use the task of ‘Auto Comment’ only clicking on turn on “Auto Comment”.

File Information

Author Name :RK Software
Update Date :Dec 16, 2019
File Size :APK (6.6 MB)
Google Play Link :Google Play Store
Requirements :Android 5.1+
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