Tango – Free Video Call & Chat APK Download

You can keep in touch with the people whom you like. Tango is app used for messaging app along with video calling. It offers free messages as well as calls. Tango is used in smartphones and tablets. Millions of people have joined Tango!

· GREATEST VIDEO CALLING – First of all Tango offers the greatest video calling. It is used in smartphones and tablets, therefore you can constantly call the people whom you want everyplace in the world.
· ALL THE STRUCTURES – you can use it for Sending as well as receiving messages, signs, photographs, audiovisual, audial and setting messages for free. It enables you to voice calls and video calls everywhere in the world for free.
· ENJOYABLE – It not only offers video call, but have exciting when you have video calling. Refer stickers, enhance filters, as well as play games in a call. All is free.

· GROUPS – Tango apk can makes you to have in contact with the groups of people whom you want. Send messages, photographs, videos, tags & a lot more to a group. Tango also offers free services to groups.
· SOCIAL – You can keep in contact with exciting people close and everywhere in the world. Share photographs, videos with your groups and get informs from others. 

· ANIMATE – Tango android enables you to share your life with your desired persons such as it occurs and relate with them in real-time.

In case of some feedback, queries, worries or feature needs then kindly email us at [email protected]


TextPlus: Free Text & Calls APK Download

Detail of TextPlus: Free Text & Calls APK Download

TextPlus enables you to call and message through a real phone number. In addition, you can text any US or Canada number or call international.

TextPlus apk download is an exclusive app for calling and texting with an indigenous phone number.
TextPlus is the FIRST app which make contacting others simple, low-cost and irritation free.


– Change the tablet as a phone for free messaging and calling through a real US number!
– Best for contacting with everyone in the US / Canada however roaming overseas
– Conference texting / message / refer MMS & SMS
– Limitless free incoming calling and calls
– Contact your talk and call history on every device through free cloud presenting


‘TextPlus’ a free service!
“TextPlus” app has no fees. It has few advertisements. In case of not liking them, you have to pay to eliminate them.

Top SMS phone substitute for:

– wanting another number for work / secrecy
– Children
– seniors
– tourists to and from the US
– watching to save money on cell phone bills.

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– Complete image messaging (MMS): refer, accept and save photographs
– Customizable text-tone, themes, ringtone & vibration
– Fast Answer to simply reply to friends
– United inbox: direct and accept your texts right through any device
– Real SMS texting and calling: text and call EVERY phone that receives SMS texting

Link our Google+ Community and come to be a beta tester. Visit http://www.textplus.com/androidbeta/ and contact to fresh features.


NumberBook APK Download

NumberBook Apk

Detail of NumberBook APK Download

NumberBook Apk Social is a public network create on your phone number. The Number Book Social app offers free services and assists you to get link with people. In addition, it assists you to link with friends and family through social incorporation and number connecting choices. It uses 3G/4G or wifi to message with friends and family.
You can change from SMS to NumberBook apk download Public Talk to refer and accept messages, Audio, Pictures, and video messages.

NumberBook Social Structures:
– It offers a profile photo, NickName will be display to all your friends and Friends of Friends
– It gives Confidentiality information
– You can Talk with people you know or you may know
– When you and your friends start using the ‘NumberBook’ apk app Social application, you can refer a million of free messages to your friends daily!
– NumberBook Social uses the Internet linking: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when accessible.
– Multimedia: Refer Video, Pictures, and Voice records to your friends and open links.
– NumberBook Social works with your phone number, only like SMS, and adds perfectly with your current phone address book.

– You need no to add any person in Your Address Book; the “NumberBook” Social app will routinely link you with your links. Your links that previously have the NumberBook Social app will be routinely shown under people you know and friends of friends.
– Other features: You can share location and places, Exchange contacts.

TextNow – free text + calls

TextNow Apk

Detail of TextNow – free text + calls APK Download

TextNow offers its users their own devoted phone number which is used for texting and calling your friends, family, important others, neighbors, or anyone other!


Textnow offers 4/5 rating—AppAdvice for limitless messaging.
Textnow apk download acclaims that its new presentation—AppAddict is a best choice for limitless texting. “Only as quick referring/getting as regular texts for me (containing persons who don’t use the app).” -tbm248, MacRumors

you can give your very personal phone number for calling.
You can refer as many free text messages as you wish to US & Canada
You can make limitless free phone calls to any phone number in the US & Canada!

This enables you to add money or receive free money by implementation proposals to your account and make very small charges for worldwide calls

The app have some ads. If you don’t like ads, you can buy a contribution to eliminate them.


– Create and accept voice calls
– Get credits to calling by ending joined deals or buy minute packages!
– Free & limitless voice calls as well as for incoming calls!
– Complete image messaging: refer, accept and save pictures!
– Voicemail Record
– Call Sending
– Google SmartLock: there is no need to recall your password
– Signs: enlarge your own sign to each text
– Customizable text-tone, backgrounds, ringtone & vibration
– Allocate personal links their own ringtone & background
– Fast Answer to easily react to friends
– Home screen widget to launch ‘TextNow’, combine a new message or fast create a call
– Combined inbox: refer and accept your texts rightly through “TextNow”
– Actual SMS texting and calling: text and call EVERY phone that receives SMS texting, and EVERY phone for calling..

Tumblr APK Download

Tumblr APK

Detail of Tumblr APK Download

Q: Which things can be posted on Tumblr?

A: Pictures, videos, animate videos, melodies, and version—attractive much anything.

Q: Can I create GIFs on it?

A: Sure, you can create GIFs! It will be possible to create them out of videos, spurts, animate photos, or only shoot them on the spot.

Q: What’s the use of “reblogging”?

A: It’s a mode to get the things you discover on Tumblr apk and create it your own. You can repost other people’s posts to your own blog. You can add comments. Other people can do the alike you.

Q: Who’s on Tumblr?

A: All users who are posting and reblogging almost exciting things that you’re involved in. Such as Politics. Movies. Memes.

Q: What is the way of talking to people on ‘Tumblr’?

A: There are changed ways. User can remark on a post or reblog a post on Tumblr app and add note, or refer a reserved message.

Q: How can be discovering the things to follow?

A: Users can explore their favorite things. There will be put sift the best material from that search right into the user’s dashboard.

Q: What kind of stuff is available on Tumblr right now?

A: There is everything available on it, like the actual world, the world of literature, the world of modern culture, the world of education, the world of welfare and morality, the world of game.

Q: Can all Tumblrs looking similar?

A: No! There is totally a difference in Tumblr’s appearance, right down to the colors and fonts you use.

Q: How will people discover each other’sTumblr?

A: People can label their posts. Tumblr apk is full of zealous people who are always discovering over tags for new posts about things they love. Your stuff could be that stuff.

Get Subscribers YouTube APK

Get Subscribers YouTube APK

Get Subscribers YouTube APK Now it is the easiest and quickest way to catch 1000+ Subscribers for your YouTube channels!

Therefore, you can browse other smart and current channels and subscribe them according to your choice.

MAIN POINTS Get Subscribers YouTube APK

it is not possible for us to support channels with definite contents. Therefore, If you have succeeding resources for your channel, then kindly do not continue your subscription:
– If there is any striking or sadistic accurate forcefulness
–  It has betting
–  If your channel has any racialism and discrimination
– If your channel allows for the use of alcohol or drug promotion

We are sorry for offering our services for all of the channels with any of the above contents.

Note:  It is also to inform you that Get Subscribers is not connected with YouTube. Subscribe

Twitter APK Download

Twitter APK

Twitter gives the users all types of information. In other words, it enables you to understand what’s bang up-to-date in the world at present. Twitter apk download breaks the news from the world of showbiz, sports and politics, to big happenings and everyday interests. You can catch the full story as it discloses, with all the live explanation.

Through Twitter apk, you can become a part of what everyone is chatting about. In addition, you can acquire videos, quick shots and Jiffies, through the source.

You can link in on all the achievement through sharing what’s going on in the world around you. You can stake photos with GIFs, videos, and even torrent live video with the Periscope button through Twitter. Therefore, Twitter is the best way to convey your voice in the world.

Twitter app is now work perfectly for Android there are many other social platform you can download apk like google+ and facebook.

Google Plus APK Download

Google+ apk

Google+ apk is an social media app. It is used for Google’s famous common system on Android devices. You can rightly use your lists, develop your profile, and definitely you can prepare all things on your desktop.its work like other famous social media apps like facebook ,twitter and facebook lite.
This shows that you can take care of your groups, analysis your developments commencing the persons you are succeeding. In addition, you have a pleasant conversation or chat with some new users who linked to Google+ at the present.

Google plus apk download gives you a chance to upload your pictures and videos without any difficulty. In this case, you should capture a photo or record any video, now create a pair of taps on the monitor. Therefor the recorded media will routinely show on your version.

This app also helps you to have a conference call along with video up to eight persons through the ‘hangout’ feature. The link of Internet is compulsory for having this facility.
‘Google+’ is an app that serves the things that we need as users of this common set-up, so you can at present appreciate them anytime, anywhere.

Main features Google+ apk:

  • Search about your favorite things
  • You have to join a group of persons about some subject matter
  • You can also take the information about things which you like for your collection
  • Create a home stream full of wonderful things

Snapchat APK Download

Snapchat APK

Snapchat APK is an application which is used for multimedia mobile and picture messaging. It is a product of three previous students of standford university, named Evan spiegel,Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. It is established through Snap Inc., initially it became famous as Snapchat Inc.

Full Detail of Snapchat APK

The basic idea of Snapchat is that images and communications are accessible for a limited time. At first the idea was about a selfie app.It make the user to be able of sharing pictures which were for a short time and deleted by themselves. When the idea was drifted by Spiegel as his final project. The class fellows were hesitated by the short period of pictures. However Murphy at last brought some changing into it and it was sprung as iOS-only app in July 2011.

Selfie app

At first the idea was about a selfie app.It make the user to be able of sharing pictures which were for a short time and deleted by themselves. When the idea was drifted by Spiegel as his final project. The class fellows were hesitated by the short period of pictures. However Murphy at last brought some changing into it and it was sprung as iOS-only app in July 2011.

picture sharing

At first Snapchat apk download worked on reserved base. It is used for one to one picture sharing. But by the time, there are adding many new things. Such as sending of short videos, talk through chat. As well as users can save required chat details by pushing on a message. This app announced a new thing, which is known as “My Story”. It allowed users to collect pictures, famous as “snaps”.

The Stories

The range of “The Stories “ was extended to “Live Stories”. Later on in 2015, Snapchat presented “Discover”. There is a selected space in the app, which dedicated on short-form content from main producers. Meanwhile, after two years the app more developed itself and offered a fresh, international “Our Story” feature. It allowed all users add snaps at any time. Snapchat was continuing its development, and give users a new thing “Memories”. It helped the users to protect snaps and story posts to a personal reserved place; “Geostickers”.

social media

Snapchat has become famous on behalf of a fresh, mobile-first way for social media. The creators’ reestablished the company as Snap Inc. in September 2016. Beside with this they also declare Spectacles, a pair of smartglasses with a camera skilled of recording ten seconds of video. The number of Snapchat lively users up to May 2017, is 166 million.

Instagram APK

Instagram APK

Detail of Instagram APK Download Instagram

Instagram is one of the most common sifter photo applications. It is used for iPhone. It is a change application from the previous. Instagram APK has formed a complete common network of users. It has lastly reached for the Android platform .The mobile users can enjoy this operating system a lot.
Instagram’s basic purpose is to provide all your photos a very smart feature. For this purpose it used a sequence of sifters and exclusive settings. Some of which consist of very common ones like XPro-II, Earlybird, Lo-fi, Sutro, to tag a few fairly well-known examples.


On the other hand, what has actually prepared Instagram common? It is its social feature, which lets you to keep an eye on firm users. You can see which photographs they upload to the Internet at all times. You can also label pictures and catch them through ‘hashtags’. This system is very simple to keep an eye on a graphic style. You can look directly the photos of users round the world.

Common Types

The common types of the application don’t stay there. But it lets you to definitely share your snaps (previously amended) via Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare. You can do this through a simple browse of a finger on the monitor.

In addition, Instagram apk download is a new and easy application for those users, who make pictures and put on sweet sifters: it’s a new way of conveying themselves and keep in contact with other people. Observably for the common of us, it is just an amazing application to relate ‘pretty filters’ to our photos.

Collections Feature

Instagram adds an offline mode and a new collections feature
It is stated by its official blog in this week, ‘Instagram’ is progressing to a fresh feature available from version of the Android and iOS clients to let you make custom collections out of posts saved as favorites. Plus it’s possible to organize them into themed folders to keep track of everything in a move that brings it closer to the approach of Pinterest. Plus it’s rolling out a new offline mode that lets you like, save, and make comments on posts when you have no connection, and sync everything automatically whenever you go back online.

To mark the Facebook Developer Conference, some stats of interests have been published about “Instagram”, like the fact that in December 2016 it hit 600 million active users – a very significant figure the reveals an acceleration in growth since it was released in 2010 for iOS (check out the graphic below from TechCrunch).

Facebook Android APK

Facebook APK

The Description of Facebook APK

maintaining up with friends is quicker than ever.

  • See what buddies are as much as
  • Shares updates, pictures and video’s
  • Get notified while friends like and comments on your posts
  • Play video games and use your favourite apps

Now you may get early get entry to to the following version of facebook for Android by using becoming a beta tester. discover ways to join up, gives feedback and go away this system in our help center: http://on.facebook.me/133NwuP
join up at once here:

troubles downloading or installing the app? See http://bit.ly/GPDownload1
nonetheless want assist? Please tell us more about the issue. http://bit.ly/invalidpackage

Facebook APK is only to be had for users age thirteen and over.
phrases of provider: http://m.facebook.com/phrases.php.

Facebook Lite APK Download

Facebook Lite APK

Detail of Facebook Lite APK Download

Facebook lite  is particularly planned for Android Gingerbread 2.3 or higher users. Facebook Lite uses less amount of information and works in 2G, 3G and 4G at all network sites.

Facebook Lite :
• Installs fast – this app is smaller, so it takes up a hundred times less space than the normal Facebook app. It still has all the types you want.
• Loads quickly – This app works very fast. You can upload pictures within moments and get updates from friends.
• Uses less data –This app is specially planned to work above 2G networks. It allows you to contact your counter and connect your friends while using almost not any data.
• Works on most Android phones –”Facebook lite APK Download” is an outstanding substitute to the common Facebook user. You can use it on almost any kind of Android phone, new or old.
Install Facebook for Android:

Download APK Facebook Lite.Facebook always will be remaining free.
About Facebook:
•You can message your friends and have conference calls.
• Users can catch statements and remarks when friends like on their posts.
• Users can share updates and pictures
At the moment you can catch quick contact to the following version of ‘Facebook Lite ‘ by becoming a beta tester. Mark up at this point: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.facebook.lite