Chrome Remote Desktop APK Download

Chrome Remote Desktop is used as an official Google app, in addition, since its name recommends it lets you to manage your computer openly from the monitor of an Android device. While doing so, the single object that you have to do is organize the app and connect it with the PC that you desire to control.

If you want that Chrome Remote Desktop work accurately, first of all you require installing the Chrome expansion on the computer that you desire to control. You’ve to done the first step only for one time; as well as, you only have to connect the computer and your Android device in order to control the previous from a space.

The stream on your device has a superb quality of the audio and the video, how long you have an excellent Internet link. The changes among monitors are appealing runny and how long you don’t attempt to take out some difficult procedures, you maybe won’t observe any delay time at all.

Chrome Remote Desktop apk is an incredibly complete tool that creates it simple to control your computer (no issue what operating system you utilize) from an Android device. The tip of your finger will become the mouse cursor, and you can happily control the computer.
The way of controlling your PC from your Android
Since 2014, the bright young brains at Google started Chrome Remote Desktop, giving free service that lets you to send a hint to your desktop PC from every Android device. Tangible hand signal detection, real-time control at the time these aspects were close to innovative. It was still talented to apply your information plan as a substitute of relying on simple previous WiFi. While there are numerous options, this alternative is the same as simple as to use it easily to format.

Google Duo APK Download

Google Duo APK Download

Google Duo is a video calling app using for one-to-one for everybody – planned to be easy, dependable and entertaining thus you not at all ignore a second.

Main Points: 

Easy interface
select a dear one and leap exact in, through an easy interface that carries video to the vanguard.

Knock Knock
observe the caller previous to you choose up through Duo’s live foretaste quality.

Elevated class video
practice quicker and extra dependable video calls whether you’re lying on Wi-Fi or on-the-go.

Video calls to all of your links along with Android and iOS through only single easy app.

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Auditory Calls
create just audio calls toward your contacts as you can’t in a position to have a video call.


Google Calendar APK

Detail of Google Calendar APK Download

The formal Google Calendar app saves the time as well as create the most of every day for mobile and tablet.
• It presents changed styles to observe the calendar – Rapidly change among month, week and day watching.
• Occasions from Gmail apk – Airlift, guesthouse, show, eating place reservations and many more addition to the calendar routinely.
• To-dos – Using of Reminders to make and observe to-dos together with your occasions.
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• Aims – Increase individual aims—as “run 3 periods weekly”—and Google Calendar apk will plan time mechanically.
• Fast occasion making – Cool proposals for occasion labels, places and persons protect you time while making occasions.
• You can have all calendars in one place – ‘Google Calendar’ works with all calendars on your phone, containing Exchange.

Google Street View APK Download

Google Street View APK

Detail of Google Street View APK Download

Google Street View Apk enables you to search world milestones, explore natural marvels, and go exclusive places such as museums, stadiums, restaurants, and small businesses.
You can also make photo ranges to enhance your own Street View skills. Let’s start with your phone’s camera or enhance a one–shot round camera (like the RICOH THETA S) for easy 360º camerawork. At that moment, you can broadcast to Google Maps to share your photo compasses with the world.

Content galleries:
•Browse — or be informed of — Google’s latest distinctive collections
•Discover all of Street View (containing helps from others)
•Analysis your open profile of printed photo compasses
•Accomplish your reserved photo compasses
•Engage yourself in photo ranges with Cardboard style

Making and sharing photo scopes:
•By using your phone’s camera (no camera fittings necessary)
•Join to a round camera to seizure in one click
•Share secretly as smooth photos


Google Play Newsstand APK

Google Play Newsstand APK

Detail of Google Play Newsstand APK Download

Google Play Newsstand is a modified news reader that offers a distinct purpose for browsing the subjects, news sources, and magazines you like about.

Google Play Newsstand apk download enables you to enjoy access to thousands of free and best news sources, leading magazines, and particular publications. Newsstand’s collection consist of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, The New Yorker, Quartz, Vox, Refinery29, People, Fast Company, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Vanity Fair, and a lot more…

Through it you can speedily scan today’s headings, or discovers thoroughly articles, videos and podcasts about your private interests, ‘Google Play Newsstand’ apk offers modified ideas for you to save your time. It is run by Google’s reference engine.

Every reference contains an explanation and a choice for giving response. Therefore, you constantly recognize why you are watching a story, and you can simply convey Newsstand whether to remain displaying you alike stories. In Addition, it can work better than you use it.

* Updating – You can caught up within a minute a mixture of top headlines, local news, and private interests.
* For You – It enables you to forage your interest with a stream of modified references collected only for you.
* Library – You can add your favorite topics, sources and magazines to your library to stay on top of it.
* Search – Excavation into groups like Arts & Photography, Business & Finance, Food & Drink and more.

* Go Offline – You can download any news edition, topic or magazine for reading when you are offline.
* Read Later – You can also save stories for reading later.
* Quick and well-organized – Stories are arranged flawlessly for your device.

Google Earth APK Download

Google Earth APK

Detail of Google Earth APK Download

Welcome to new Google Earth.

Google Earth apk download gives you a new style to get a new viewpoint of the world, as well as you search the world with a swipe of your finger.

When hover through milestones and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in gorgeous 3D, and then plunge into practice them first hand with Street View. “Google Earth” apk provides you a chance to realize the world from a new point of view with Tourist,

who takes you one-of-a-kind skills from Sesame Street, BBC Earth, NASA and more.

Gboard Google Keyboard APK

Gboard APK

Detail of Gboard Google Keyboard APK Download

Gboard is related to Google Keyboard and has everything like speed and trustworthiness, Slide Typing, voice typing, and also Google Search built in. No more app substituting; only discover and share, right from your keyboard.

Gboard apk download also has emoji, GIF search, and multilingual typing to allow you change languages.
Slide Typing — It enables you to type your text or voice faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter

Explore and share everything from Google: — Just push on G to explore and share:

•Nearly situated stores and restaurants
•Weather estimates and forecast
•Any political or social news
•About games and Sports scores
•Much more you’d search on Google

Emoji Search — Through it you can discover that emoji, faster

GIFs — ‘Gboard’ offers GIFs for search and share (Accessible in apps that have applied image keyboard support)

Multilingual typing —You can change languages through autocorrect without tapping on the glob key.

Professional guidelines:

• For android 4.4+ only push and grip Enter to select from hundreds of emoji.
• There is no need of manually Addison. Only type a word and have sign type it or find it in suggestions next time.
•You can sync your well-read words across devices to increase ideas.
•Through it you can glide left from the delete key to fast delete various words.
•Create the number row accessible all the time.
•You have symbols clues to display quick clues on your keys to contact symbols with a long press.
•Pin keyboard to the left or the right of the screen by long pressing on Enter and selecting the thumb icon.
•Just press the SHIFT key to a character to capitalize it.
•You can select a theme with or without key limits according to your style.

Over 120 languages supported:

English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Greenlandic, Guarani, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Manx, Marathi, Mongolian, Montenegrin, Nepali, Northern Sotho, Norwegian, Nyanja, Oromo, Papiamento, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tajik, Tamil, Tatar, Telugu, Thai, Tok Pisin, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Wolof, Yiddish, Yoruba, Xhosa, Zulu

Google TalkBack APK

Google TalkBack APK

Detail of Google TalkBack APK Download

Google TalkBack is an app that has availability service to help sightless and vision-impaired users relates with their devices.

Google TalkBack apk download enhances your device like spoken, audible, and vibration response to help sightless persons.  

It derives pre-installed on most Android devices.

To run TalkBack:
1. Click to Settings
2. Choose Availability

Android 4.1 and above:
3. Hint TalkBack and adjust it on

Android 4.0:
3. Hint TalkBack and adjust it on
4. Come back to the former screen, formerly turn on Explore by click

Android 3.2 and earlier:
3. Choose the Availability checkbox
4. Choose the TalkBack checkbox

Consents Notification
Phone: “Google TalkBack” detects the phone state; therefore it can adjust messages to your call position.
Availability Facility: Since this app is an availability facility. So it can detect your movements, save window content, and detect text that you type.

Google Text-to-speech APK

Google Text-to-speech APK

Detail of Google Text-to-speech APK Download

Google Text-to-speech is controlling applications, which are use to read the text on your screen loudly. For instance, it can be use by:
• Read your favorite books on Google Play Books to ‘Read Aloud’
• Considering real pronunciation from Google Translate to speak translations aloud

TalkBack and availability applications for spoken response across your device and much more applications in Play Store 

Google Text-to-speech apk download for using on your Android device,

go to Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output.

The Selection of ‘Google Text-to-speech’ Engine is your favorite engine. Remember, Google Text-to-speech apk is already turned on many Android devices; however you can bring up to date to the newest type now. 

Supported languages: Bangla (Bangladesh), Bangla (India), Cantonese (Hong Kong), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia), English (India), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Mandarin (China), Mandarin (Taiwan), Nepali, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Sinhala, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Google Translate APK

Google Translate APK

Detail of Google Translate APK Download

  • Google Translate gives us a chance of translating about 103 languages by typing
  • Pat to Translate: You can take any text from any app and translate it easily and fluency
  • Disconnected net: You can translate about 52 languages at the time when you have no Internet
  • Direct camera translation: It enables you to use your camera to translate text directly in 30 languages
  • Camera Method: Through camera you can take pictures of text for higher-quality translations in 37 languages
  • Chat Style: You have the facility of two-way direct talking translation in 32 languages
  • Calligraphy: You can draw characters as a substitute of using the keyboard in 93 languages
  • Dictionary: The Google translate gives you a chance of star and protect translations for future mention in any language


There are about 103 languages that are translate by Google Translate apk download. Some of them are as following
Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, , Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Corsican, Croatian, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Hausa, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu

Approval Notification

‘Google Translate’ can request for approval to contact the following types:

  • It may use microphone for speaking translation
  • Google Translate APK for Android needs to use camera for translating version through the camera
  • It will use the way of SMS for translating written messages
  • It need an outer storage for downloading offline translation data
  • “Google Translate” will take help from explanations and identifications for signing-in and syncing through devices

Google Translate product by Google Inc.

Hangouts APK Download

Hangouts APK

Hangouts APK is an app which is used to have in touch. It helps you in message exchanges, for free video or voice calls, and flight on a chat with one person or a group.

Hangouts APK Main FEATURES:

Hangouts APK Download app enables you to contact with about 150 persons for having a group chat.
• Through this app you can express with prestige messages, pictures, videos, drawings, emoji, signs, and lively GIFs.
•You can also exchange any chat into a free group video call with up to 10 contacts.
• ‘Hangouts’ app gives free of cost calling throughout the world.
•You can link your Google Voice account for phone calling, SMS texting, and addition of voicemail.
• You can use this app for contacting through Android, iOS, and the web, and sync chats through all your devices.
• This app enables you to message exchanges anytime, even if they’re offline.

Notes: “Hangouts APK” app gives its users a chance of free calling, but mobile transporter and ISP charges may put on. In addition other calls might be charged.this app is develop by google inc

Google Photos APK

Google Photos APK

Google Photos APK is a fresh and different app presenting a photo gallery from Google. It makes you to be able to capture photos today. Such as it makes possible that your photos and videos will be repeatedly reversed and prearranged. Therefore you can discover and share them with your friends quickly. As well as they can never run out of space on your phone. Eventually, there is a charming photos app like you..


Google Photos apk download app offers you an infinite loading for photos and videos. It presents a Top Quality along with free of cost. You can search them through any kind of device. This app gives you an advantage of privacy, here your photos are protected, and reserved to you.


‘Google Photos’ app gives you an unlimited space. Now you need not care almost running out of space on your phone again. Your photos can be easily reversed with a single pat that can be distinguished from your device.

Optical SEARCH

This app makes it possible that everyone can discover the desired photos. Places and things are also included in it. For this purpose there is no need of cataloguing.
Create PHOTOS yourself
this app helps you to create photos by yourself. You can take mechanically made movies, collections, moving picture, views, and try to make them yourself.


Through “Google Photos apk” app you can use instinctive and great cutting out implements. Such as you can improve your photos and take them to life. Through this method you can make your pictures charming by using light, compare, shade, and photograph. As well as you can take help from 14 advanced photo filters to make your pictures beautiful.


you can make a cool programmed photo album about any of your occasion or tour to any distinctive place. You can also share and add your photos with others.


now there is no need of discarded information texting and emailing photos. This app make it easier of sharing photos with any connection, email, or phone number.


this app gives you a chance to revise your pleasant memories. Just open your collection of photos and enjoy your past.


you can watch your photos and videos on your TV with the help of Chromecast.

Google Drive APK Download

Google Drive APK

Google Drive APK is an app which is used to keep your files safe. It is the certified application, which will let you to contact your virtual Google hard drive since any Android device. It demands for a constant link with Internet.

The interface of the app is specially prepared and adjusted for touch screens. It makes you to be able to reach your confidential drive, along with you can access to all the files that other users have made for you. As well as it enables you to find those files that you have prepared accessible to watch offline, in case that you have downloaded them earlier.

Google Drive apk download offers a space of 5GB for storing data. It will be more sufficient for saving documents, pictures and videos. And, of course, if you want extra space, for this you have to pay more charges.

‘Google Drive’ is a huge cloud loading tool. It is exclusively beneficial, especially appreciations to its incorporation with the previous Google’s drivers and apps. It is more suitable and work beautifully in other operating systems, particularly it is more effective in Android. With this drive the whole things are working comfortably.
Create extra space on Google account
Quite a few years before Google combined the 15GB of extra space, which it offers in the cloud to be divided amongst Gmail, “Google Drive”, and Google Photos. But it became difficult for the users that where they save their things. Now it become very easy and simple to place collected this list of information to free up space on your Google account.

Google Plus APK Download

Google+ apk

Google+ apk is an social media app. It is used for Google’s famous common system on Android devices. You can rightly use your lists, develop your profile, and definitely you can prepare all things on your desktop.its work like other famous social media apps like facebook ,twitter and facebook lite.
This shows that you can take care of your groups, analysis your developments commencing the persons you are succeeding. In addition, you have a pleasant conversation or chat with some new users who linked to Google+ at the present.

Google plus apk download gives you a chance to upload your pictures and videos without any difficulty. In this case, you should capture a photo or record any video, now create a pair of taps on the monitor. Therefor the recorded media will routinely show on your version.

This app also helps you to have a conference call along with video up to eight persons through the ‘hangout’ feature. The link of Internet is compulsory for having this facility.
‘Google+’ is an app that serves the things that we need as users of this common set-up, so you can at present appreciate them anytime, anywhere.

Main features Google+ apk:

  • Search about your favorite things
  • You have to join a group of persons about some subject matter
  • You can also take the information about things which you like for your collection
  • Create a home stream full of wonderful things

Google Play Games APK

Google Play Games APK

Google Play Games is an app available on Google’s public system for video games. It is comparable to the common Game Center from Apple. It presents a joint space to all video games using by the Android operating system.

Users can acquire much amusement through Google Play Games apk download. You can find out new games according to your nature. You can compete with friends, as well as take part in multiplayer games. Through this you can show your talents and keep up a record of all of the successes. And you can be able of revealed any game of your choice on your device.

‘Google play games’ interface has interconnected with its previous applications. It fulfills your expectations, and presents all features of your need in one place. It consists of your outline, friends, most downloaded and most current games, etc.; Infact everything is exactly there when you want it.

Google Play Games is an excessive app for video game fans who wish to take benefit of their Android device.
Some important clues
. Simply install and share your favorite gaming moment from your favorite mobile games
. You can make your profile, get XP, and upgrading yourself in “Google play games”
. You can save your games and continue it from where you missing
. Through this you can complete tasks, get awards, and track them rightly from the app. Now, realize your success against other players

Maps APK Download Google Inc

Maps APK

Whenever we decided to go anywhere, we have to listen to the advice for using a Maps APK Download. Now we have a best and advance service, it is Google map services. In addition, this service has an extra ability of having GPS, which makes it intolerable the misplacing of anybody in any part of world. You can also know about your location through using the GPS task.  

YOU can save your time by choosing a fastest route by using a Google map. The most recent version of the app is to check traffic by real-time map reading, ETAs and traffic disorders.
You can save time with programmed re-routing centered on live traffic, road conclusions and traffic cases. Through map reading you have lane assistance, which saves you from wrong turn or exit.

Find out places;

you can search popular eating places and limited industries through this app. whenever you want to go on the top places. You can get appraisals, rankings, and images of foods and interiors. Through it you can plan your visit and set menu, reserve your table. You can also take information, when these places are usually full .You can also Assist your friends about these places by input reviews, pictures and more.

A different experience with Google map;

You need not an internet connection for disconnected maps to search, catch ways and use map reading. In addition, you can also get information about lane View and internal pictures for cafes, shops, arts center and a lot. These internal maps help you to speedily discover your mode inside large places as airports, shopping center and sports ground.
The use of Google maps services by Google Inc is about in 220 countries. Whereas the data and maps about public transport for over15, 000 cities. In addition, the complete information about business on over 100 million locations.

Gmail APK

Gmail APK

Detail of Gmail APK Download

Gmail is an authorized app for the Google email user. It allows you to control your email account.  In addition, if you have any other account. You can do this by a fresh and accessible interface.
The first object customers will keep in mind. In spite of taking your fixed email account, you can also link other, several accounts to the app. Appreciated to this ability you’ll be capable to catch all of your emails in a distinct place. In this case, you need not to go any other email manager.
Gmail’s interface is very same to the desktop browser user. You have various labels and groups on the left column. Such as you contract to read all of your mails in the midpoint of the monitor. Gmail’s smart running structure also divides upgrades, from common emails and foremost emails.
Through all the widgets connected in the Gmail apk download app, you can observer email labels on your device’s basic screen. In addition, you can easily watch your newest received emails (and reply them if you wish).

Free up space on your Google account

Some years before Google joined the 15GB of open space. It delivers to be dispersed surrounded by Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. Here comes a problem when you don’t distinguish correctly where you’re saving things between your own documents, stoppages, and refuse things. For this solution we’ve placed collected this list of tips to free up space on

You’re saving items between your own documents, stoppages, and refuse items.

Gmail is the up-to-date app to develop GIF support on Gboard

Gboard is plodding on through the relaxed procedure of adding fresh apps. Those can use GIFs with the effective keyboard and this fun add-on has just prepared it to ‘Gmail’. It may be looking like a little different. A current task has in use for long to roll out on Gmail – and also looking that Google’s intelligences after both processes. On the other hand, there is no time for objections. We’re all very happy at this update.

How Gmail increases the size of accessories?

Whenever you say the term Gmai apk and everyone distinguishes you’re speaking about the most important email supplier in the world. You can’t discover someone without a Gmail account. It is more important that it works in sync with Google apps. Although, the deal is a bit silly to see that the size limit for accessories is 25 MB, especially in the year of 2017. Now Google has completed something about it. However it’s maybe not what you were supposing.

Google Chrome APK Download

Chrome APK

Each person was astonished when Google declared the presentation of its fresh web browser, Google Chrome Download apk .Google Chrome is a fast; cool to use, and safe web browser. As chrome is planned for Android, takes you personalized update objects and fast contacts to your chosen sites. It also used for downloading ,Google Search and Google Convert built-in. Now download became a similar Chrome web browser practice. You adore through all your devices. 

Browse quickly while typing less: 

Select from personalized exploration outcomes that directly look like you type and quickly browse before visited web pages. For example, you fill in forms quickly with Autofill. 

Disguised Browsing:

You may use disguised way to browse the internet deprived of saving your account. Browse secretly through all your devices. 

Sync Chrome through devices: 

When you mark into Chrome, your every work will be routinely synced through all your devices. Synchronizing the way you browse the web between different devices will change your world.  

The most wanted items, one knock left. In addition: 

Chrome is not only quick for Google Search. As well as it is planned for you only one knock away from all of your most wanted items. There is a fresh tab page for you to knock on your most wanted news sites or public means openly. Add to this Chrome too has the “Touch to Search”- item. You can touch any word or expression to start a Google search. You can enjoy the page.

Google Safe Browsing will safe your Android: 

Chrome belongs Google Safe Browsing built-in. It saves your phone by displaying to notice while you try to cross to unsafe sites or download unsafe documents.

Quick downloads and observe web pages and videos offline: 

Google Chrome apk download has a peculiar download option. With the help of this you can simply download videos, images, and whole webpages. There is another option for downloading is home right inside Chrome, where you can contact all the items, while you are offline. 

Google Vocal sound Search:

 ‘Google Chrome’ provides you a real web browser you can talk to. Use your voice to catch responses on-the-go. You need not typing and go hands free. You can browse and cross quicker using your voice anywhere, anytime.

Fast convert whole web pages: 

Chrome has Google Translate built in to support you to convert whole web to your own language with one tap.

Protect Mobile Records: 

If you install Chrome’s Data Saver to browse and cross the web although using less data. You can save up to 60% of data. by way of Chrome compresses version, pictures, videos and websites without dropping the excellence. 

Cool personalized references: 

Google Chrome makes a skill that is personalized to your safeties. On the fresh tab page, you will discover objects that Chrome chosen created on your previous browsing account.

PlayStore APK Google Inc

Play Store APK

Detail of PlayStore APK 8.3.72.U-all Google Inc

The Playstore (Android Market) has smartphones video games,Apps, track, films and more..

Google Android PlaySore helps you to down load and set up Android apps in Google play securely and officially. It Google’s Ins legit shop and portal Market for Android apps. Video games and different content on your Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

simply as Apple (iOS Market) has its own store, Google has the ‘Google Play‘ store. It’s a big Android marketplace . it offers customers access to various virtual media including films, books, magazines, track and greater.

Google Playstore isn’t always available at Google Playstore APk save as an app to download . So that you can installation APK files of “Google Play” keep on your Android devices from

Google Play Services APK

Google Play Services APK

Detail of Google Play Services APK

Google Play Services 11.5.09 is an Android app that makes definite that all of your apps are up-to-date. Play Services APK by Google Inc you can download from google playstore. It does this by regularly checking. All installed apps have the up-to-date accessible types.

With Google Play Services download 11.5.09, you can confirm Google services, harmonize your links and admittance the up-to-date user privacy settings. You can use advanced quality location-based services that use less energy.

In addition, ‘Google Play Services 11.5.09’ develops the whole capability of using your device. Its lets you examine for things offline. It may offers you with more immersive maps. It advances the gaming skill by adjusting RAM.
Other list of options in “Google Play Services” 11.5.09 let you achieve all your apps (not essentially the ones you have installed).It creates location settings, and even achieves your Google Fit account.
Google Play Services 11.5.09 is an important app for any device with an Android operating system. Without it, many other apps could start having problems.