Hello – Caller ID & Blocking APK Download

Detail of Hello – Caller ID & Blocking APK Download

Create your phone cooler through Hello. Made through Messenger only for Android, Hello apk download associates info from Facebook by the connect info on the phone. Therefore it’s cool to keep in contact with the people you loved.

It is possible for you to know about caller, slab undesirable calls as well as explore the persons and positions on Facebook  apk. Users can too call and message persons for free by Messenger.

• Know about caller even if the phone number is not saved.
• Simply slab undesirable calls.
• Mechanically slab calls that are jammed through many people.
• Discover your mobile links and persons as well as position on Facebook, lacking of changing among apps.
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• Constantly take the up-to-date info around your links, containing the profile images as well as anniversaries.
• Exposed a Facebook profile or Page only with a single click.
• Call as well as message for free through Messenger.
• Call, enhance as well as control links — according to your wish.

Download “Hello” plus create it your dialer.

Messenger Lite APK Download

Messenger Lite APK

Detail of Messenger Lite APK Download

Messenger Lite is a free, direct and immediate connection among the people. Through it people instantly reach in your life. This insubstantial type of Messenger is quicker than other apps, as well as it uses less data and works in all network situations.

Messenger Lite apk download:

•Fastest installing – This app is slighter, consequently it downloads fast and uses less storage space.
•Send speedily – The app enables you to send text, photos and links to anyone who uses any kind of Messenger as Messenger Lite or Facebook Lite.
•Usages of less data – ‘Messenger Lite’ offer you to be more efficient with your mobile data and save space for other apps. This also helps you to save more money by using less data.
• Effective for all networks – “Messenger Lite” apk app is plan for 2G networks and areas with slow or unsteady internet links. In case of not having a net connection, this will help you by delivering your messages when you have signal.

• Effective for all Android phones – This is frequently use almost in any type of Android phone, new or old, together with Gingerbread.

Facebook Messenger APK Facebook

Facebook Messenger APK

Facebook Messenger apk download is an Android app is like texting but it is better and easier way to reach directly to someone in your life. It works with your data plan or accessible Wi-Fi and it is not necessary to pay for every text message that you send.

Facebook Messenger APK Features

It works with your Facebook account but the easiest way about it is that you can also come to be I touch with persons directly from your phone book. You can enhance and call people to your Facebook Messenger from your phone book even if they are nor friends with you on Facebook.  Chat with them; make groups so that you have all of your friends from one specific group in one place. You can name your groups, set group snaps and chat with all of them at the same time.

Chat heads

Chat heads: Keep the conversation going while you use other apps. Free calls: Talk as long as you want, even with people in other countries. (Calls are free over Wi-Fi. Otherwise, standard data charges apply.) Preview your gallery photos and videos without leaving the conversation–then choose the perfect ones to send. Record voice messages when you have more to say.

If you have to tend to other things on your device but at the same time want to converse with your friends and groups, no worries to switch applications; Facebook Messenger’s  Chat Heads lets you keep the conversation going while you lean towards other business and then come back at the earliest. You can also record messages if you have more to say and are not in a mood of typing.

Search for people and groups to quickly get back to them. Turn on location to let people know when you’re nearby. See who’s available on Messenger and who’s active on ‘Facebook’. Make shortcuts to get any conversation right from your home screen. Turn off notifications when you’re working, sleeping or just need a break. Stay logged in so you never miss a message.

Facebook Android APK

Facebook APK

The Description of Facebook APK

maintaining up with friends is quicker than ever.

  • See what buddies are as much as
  • Shares updates, pictures and video’s
  • Get notified while friends like and comments on your posts
  • Play video games and use your favourite apps

Now you may get early get entry to to the following version of facebook for Android by using becoming a beta tester. discover ways to join up, gives feedback and go away this system in our help center: http://on.facebook.me/133NwuP
join up at once here:

troubles downloading or installing the app? See http://bit.ly/GPDownload1
nonetheless want assist? Please tell us more about the issue. http://bit.ly/invalidpackage

Facebook APK is only to be had for users age thirteen and over.
phrases of provider: http://m.facebook.com/phrases.php.

Facebook Lite APK Download

Facebook Lite APK

Detail of Facebook Lite APK Download

Facebook lite  is particularly planned for Android Gingerbread 2.3 or higher users. Facebook Lite uses less amount of information and works in 2G, 3G and 4G at all network sites.

Facebook Lite :
• Installs fast – this app is smaller, so it takes up a hundred times less space than the normal Facebook app. It still has all the types you want.
• Loads quickly – This app works very fast. You can upload pictures within moments and get updates from friends.
• Uses less data –This app is specially planned to work above 2G networks. It allows you to contact your counter and connect your friends while using almost not any data.
• Works on most Android phones –”Facebook lite APK Download” is an outstanding substitute to the common Facebook user. You can use it on almost any kind of Android phone, new or old.
Install Facebook for Android:

Download APK Facebook Lite.Facebook always will be remaining free.
About Facebook:
•You can message your friends and have conference calls.
• Users can catch statements and remarks when friends like on their posts.
• Users can share updates and pictures
At the moment you can catch quick contact to the following version of ‘Facebook Lite ‘ by becoming a beta tester. Mark up at this point: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.facebook.lite