Apps Library APK Download

Apps Library APK Download

Apps Library APK provides its users a contact to a group of all-in-one varied contents, as of handset personalization tools and dependence applications to famous games, e-learning and films, providing a nonstop run of exclusive content. It carries you a fresh level of cell phone practice through Phone Mixture, which is packed in single app as well as you never had before.  

Main Points;
through numerous telephone perfection apps to select from, you need not to have view somewhere else. If you need some optimization app to open up storage, boost presentation, expand battery time, find phone, safety lock, you found all these things enclosed in Apps Library apk download.

find tips for self improving and learn films by your own expediency. No need of uninteresting books, knowledge can be exciting! 

filled with all types of the top games, there are impressive things for everybody! Have an immense selection of games as Classic, arcade, sports, puzzle, board, racing and a lot more, this will gratify all requirements of your game.

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find out wonderful videotapes and download them to enhance your library. Desire a little attractive cuts or humorous videos for laughing? You’ll find to take pleasure in a collection of top clips for enjoyment on your mobile.

Ringtones, Wallpaper
set your Android through artistic backgrounds as well as sounds. Personalize your monitor by beautiful backgrounds; you will never get fed up by your mobile any longer. Through a library of ringtones, you will discover one that will fit for all feelings and experiences.


Tellagami APK Download

Tellagami APK

Tellagami APK Download

Tellagami APK for Android Alive the life of its users! Let’s take it immediately!
Tellagami allows you make as well as share a fast lively Gami video.
A Gami is a thrilling tweet or prestige inform. It can be an amusing method to express a tale. A Gami is recognize you communicate or else a holiday card. It may be a date of birth salutation, gathering offer or casual manner to join pictures. The opportunities are boundless!

Make a Gami video in three cool stages:

1 – Modify the personality and select your contextual.
2 –You can input the sound otherwise write a memo on behalf of saying to your character.
3 – Gami can be share on your chosen network or rightly by a pal.
? Combine and contest the personality & contextual
? Input your expression or write memo
? correct the size and place character in the passage
? Identify through a picture contextual
? Sketch on the contextual
? Share through normal mobile joining
? Observe Gami like a net URL proceeding to very devices


? Salutations & Invitations – Express a story, familiarize somebody
? Schooling – Explain a lesson, make a manuscript report, joined a holiday
? Commercial & Advertising – vend a product, platform a company
TEACHERS: Copy the Tellagami Edu app! Tellagami Edu is a waged type of the Tellagami apk app full of types that lets tutorial room toward usage the app deprived of in-app buying. Know more at
CARE: The ‘Tellagami’ app is facing subjects preceding certain devices with Android Lollipop. Kindly check the permitted “Tellagami” app whether the device remains taking place Android Lollipop already creating some in-app buying.

4shared APK Download

4shared APK

Detail of 4shared APK Download

4shared APK is a free mobile application for Android is a suitable and quick method to access your account at, consisting of all documents, photos, music, etc. It works directly from your Android device whenever you want to.

The great 4shared apk download file record enables you to discover your needed files with the help of the suitable public search option. Through it is very easy to explain many exploration filters. You should use ‘4shared’ download app to catch the best effects and add the needed file to your own account.

“4shared” apk for Android enables you to copy, move, rename, delete, upload and download any files from your account and share them with your associates, families and friends.

4shared for Android assists:

•Quick and suitable access to 30,000,000+ files.
•User-friendly explore in great 4shared record with a choice to directly add the create files to your account.
•An option to attain your account at, listen to music and even watch videos openly on your Android device.
•Direct sharing of files from your 4shared account through the 4shared app.

Compulsory app permissions:

•Associates – It is use only for reading purpose. This allows sharing your files to emails from your contacts.
•Device ID & Call information – It is only use for reading the position of any current calls. This allows stopping streamed music in the app, when someone’s calling you.
•Photos/Media/Files – It enables file upload from Android device (including Camera upload) to your 4shared account and the download of files from your account to the phone storing or SD card.
•Distinctiveness – It is use for the exact sign-in to your 4shared account through the app.
it doesn’t not sell or else handover your private data to 3rd-party sellers.
•Wi-Fi linking info – It is only use for reading the state of Wi-Fi linking. This expands file upload and download app features.