4shared APK Download

4shared APK

Detail of 4shared APK Download

4shared APK is a free mobile application for Android is a suitable and quick method to access your account at 4shared.com, consisting of all documents, photos, music, etc. It works directly from your Android device whenever you want to.

The great 4shared apk download file record enables you to discover your needed files with the help of the suitable public search option. Through it is very easy to explain many exploration filters. You should use ‘4shared’ download app to catch the best effects and add the needed file to your own account.

“4shared” apk for Android enables you to copy, move, rename, delete, upload and download any files from your account and share them with your associates, families and friends.

4shared for Android assists:

•Quick and suitable access to 30,000,000+ files.
•User-friendly explore in great 4shared record with a choice to directly add the create files to your account.
•An option to attain your account at 4shared.com, listen to music and even watch videos openly on your Android device.
•Direct sharing of files from your 4shared account through the 4shared app.

Compulsory app permissions:

•Associates – It is use only for reading purpose. This allows sharing your files to emails from your contacts.
•Device ID & Call information – It is only use for reading the position of any current calls. This allows stopping streamed music in the app, when someone’s calling you.
•Photos/Media/Files – It enables file upload from Android device (including Camera upload) to your 4shared account and the download of files from your account to the phone storing or SD card.
•Distinctiveness – It is use for the exact sign-in to your 4shared account through the app.
it doesn’t not sell or else handover your private data to 3rd-party sellers.
•Wi-Fi linking info – It is only use for reading the state of Wi-Fi linking. This expands file upload and download app features.

MEGA APK Download


MEGA APK Download

MEGA is a safe cloud storage facility that offers its users 50 GB free cloud storage space. It is only one storage cloud which can never encrypted and decrypted data
MEGA offers you to upload your files from your smartphone or tablet. Then discover, store, download, stream, view, share, rename or delete your files from any device. You can share folders with your friends and get their updates.

In the encryption procedure the access or reset of password is not possible. Therefore, users must remember it or they will lose access to their stored files.


The app enables you to upgrade your storage space & bandwidth share with a monthly or yearly contribution.

*PRO LITE subscription: 4.99 € per month or 49.99 € per year. Gives you 200 GB of storage space and 1 TB of bandwidth per month.
*PRO I subscription: 9.99 € per month or 99.99 € per year. Gives you 500 GB of storage space and 2 TB of bandwidth per month.
PRO II subscription: 19.99 € per month or 199.99 € per year. Gives you 2 TB of storage space and 4 TB of bandwidth per month.
PRO III subscription: 29.99 € per month or 299.99 € per year. Gives you 4 TB of storage space and 8 TB of bandwidth per month.

These subscriptions can restart routinely for consecutive subscription times of the similar period. As well as at the same price as the first period selected. For the subscriptions, just click on the Play Store icon. Sign in with your Google ID and then click on the MEGA apk download app. You’ll be incapable of your subscription there.

App Permissions:

WRITE_OUTWARD_STORAGE -> You will be able to download your files from ‘MEGA’ to your device and upload files from your device to MEGA
CAMERA -> Capture a picture and upload your photos to MEGA
READ_CONTACTS -> Simply add links from your device as MEGA contacts

Our source code is now public: https://github.com/meganz/android

Note: “Mega” apk needs HTML5 a well-suited browser for access to your files on desktop, for controlling its progressive structures. We acclaim Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Google Photos APK

Google Photos APK

Google Photos APK is a fresh and different app presenting a photo gallery from Google. It makes you to be able to capture photos today. Such as it makes possible that your photos and videos will be repeatedly reversed and prearranged. Therefore you can discover and share them with your friends quickly. As well as they can never run out of space on your phone. Eventually, there is a charming photos app like you..


Google Photos apk download app offers you an infinite loading for photos and videos. It presents a Top Quality along with free of cost. You can search them through any kind of device. This app gives you an advantage of privacy, here your photos are protected, and reserved to you.


‘Google Photos’ app gives you an unlimited space. Now you need not care almost running out of space on your phone again. Your photos can be easily reversed with a single pat that can be distinguished from your device.

Optical SEARCH

This app makes it possible that everyone can discover the desired photos. Places and things are also included in it. For this purpose there is no need of cataloguing.
Create PHOTOS yourself
this app helps you to create photos by yourself. You can take mechanically made movies, collections, moving picture, views, and try to make them yourself.


Through “Google Photos apk” app you can use instinctive and great cutting out implements. Such as you can improve your photos and take them to life. Through this method you can make your pictures charming by using light, compare, shade, and photograph. As well as you can take help from 14 advanced photo filters to make your pictures beautiful.


you can make a cool programmed photo album about any of your occasion or tour to any distinctive place. You can also share and add your photos with others.


now there is no need of discarded information texting and emailing photos. This app make it easier of sharing photos with any connection, email, or phone number.


this app gives you a chance to revise your pleasant memories. Just open your collection of photos and enjoy your past.


you can watch your photos and videos on your TV with the help of Chromecast.

Google Drive APK Download

Google Drive APK

Google Drive APK is an app which is used to keep your files safe. It is the certified application, which will let you to contact your virtual Google hard drive since any Android device. It demands for a constant link with Internet.

The interface of the app is specially prepared and adjusted for touch screens. It makes you to be able to reach your confidential drive, along with you can access to all the files that other users have made for you. As well as it enables you to find those files that you have prepared accessible to watch offline, in case that you have downloaded them earlier.

Google Drive apk download offers a space of 5GB for storing data. It will be more sufficient for saving documents, pictures and videos. And, of course, if you want extra space, for this you have to pay more charges.

‘Google Drive’ is a huge cloud loading tool. It is exclusively beneficial, especially appreciations to its incorporation with the previous Google’s drivers and apps. It is more suitable and work beautifully in other operating systems, particularly it is more effective in Android. With this drive the whole things are working comfortably.
Create extra space on Google account
Quite a few years before Google combined the 15GB of extra space, which it offers in the cloud to be divided amongst Gmail, “Google Drive”, and Google Photos. But it became difficult for the users that where they save their things. Now it become very easy and simple to place collected this list of information to free up space on your Google account.